Diana is a girl from America. She suffers from bullying, and she keeps it a secret for almost four years. It's basically her entire high school life


21. Chapter 18

*4 in a half months later*

*Still Louis POV*

  I was sound asleep, dreaming about Diana, the baby, and I living in a wonderful life. I felt myself smile in my sleep. My dream was interrupted by someone hitting me. I slowly opened my eyes, and saw Diana wide awake.

  “Babe? Whats wrong?” I asked, sleepily.

  “The baby...the baby’s coming,” Diana responded.

  I got out of bed, grabbed my slippers, and helped Diana out of bed. I sat her down in the car, and I ran back inside for my jacket, and keys.

  We arrived at the hospital in less than ten minutes. I parked in the emergency (car) parking spot. Once we got in I said, “my girlfriend is going into labour!”

  A bunch of nurses rushed to my side. One of the doctors grabbed a gurney, and they laid her down. She was rushed away. I sat down in the waiting room, and I waited for hours. The boys called, and texted me, but I only responded to the text messages. People passed by me without a glance.

  “Lou...Lou…Louis...Boobear…” Someone said.

  I snapped out of my zone out, and saw all of the lads standing their. My parents were behind them, and so was Diana’s mum.

 “How long have you guys been standing here?” I asked.

 “For about five minutes,” Liam responded.

 “How long has it been since Diana went into labour?” Diana’s mum said.

 I looked at my phone. Diana woke me up around one, and it was now five am.

 “About four hours,” I responded.

 Everyone sat down on either side of me, I felt tiredness take over me. The next thing I knew, I was dreaming.

  “Louis William Tomlinson, do you take Diana Elizabeth Fronteau as your hopeful wedded wife?” The priest asked.

  “I do,” I responded.

  “Diana Elizabeth Fonteau, do you take Louis William Tomlinson as your hopeful wedded husband?”

  “I do,” responded Diana.

  “You may now kiss the bride.”

  I grabbed Diana, dipped her, and kissed her. We walked down the aisle, and the baby that Diana had from Jake, started crying. Diana’s mum walked out with the baby.

  *Skips to cutting the wedding cake*

 Diana and I were cutting a slice of the wedding cake, and she shoved some of the piece into my mouth. I did the same to her.

  “Louis...wake up,” Diana said.

  “What?” I responded.

  “Louis...Diana’s awake…”

  I then opened my eyes. Diana’s mum was standing their, with her hand on my left shoulder.

  “Diana wants to see you,” she said.

  I got up, and followed Mrs. Fronteau to the room Diana was in. She smiled when I walked in. Nurses were walking around the room. The baby started crying.

  “Excuse me...but are you the father?” A nurse asked.

  I nodded.

  “Come with me.”

  She led me to the screaming baby.

  “You can cut the umbilical cord.”

  I did as she told me, and she handed me the child, after they wrapped a blanket, and put on a pink cap. I gently held her, and walked her over to Diana. She opened her arms, and I set down the child.

  “What are we going to name her, Lou?” Asked Diana.

  “Umm...Alayne?” I responded.

  “Yea...I like that. So Alayne something Tomlinson.”

  “How about Elleen for the middle name?”


  “So...her name is Alayne Elleen Tomlinson?” The doctor asked.

  “Yes,” Diana responded.

  “Okay, the nurse will just need to take a family photo.”

  With that, the doctor walked out, and the nurse that led me to Alayne held up a camera. I went to Diana’s right, and put my arm around her. Our parents were on the other side. The boys kind of stood off to the side, out of the picture.

  “You gentleman came be in the picture!” The nurse said.

  They all split up, and the nurse took the picture. Then Diana fell back asleep, and took Alayne out of Diana’s arms, and into mine. Alayne was fast asleep, and a nurse wheeled in a glass container. I was rocking Alayne back and forth.

  “I have to take Alayne to the baby nursery now sir,” the nurse said.

  “Oh, yeah...sure,” I responded.

  I handed the nurse Alayne, and she gently set her down in the box. She wheel out the cart, and I sat down next to Diana. I grabbed her hand, and then I fell asleep in the chair, while everyone else got breakfast.

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