Diana is a girl from America. She suffers from bullying, and she keeps it a secret for almost four years. It's basically her entire high school life


20. Chapter 17

*4 Months later*

Louis POV: I can't believe it's almost been five months, since Jake took Diana. The police haven't been able to track her either. The boys, and I have written a song about Diana. It's actually called Diana. I just want that dirtbag to bring her back.

   (I'll add the song Diana later)

  All of a sudden after the song stops, my phone started ringing. It was the police.

  "Hello," I say into my phone.

  "We've found her! Diana has been found! Her phone was turned back on this morning!" Officer Johnson said.

  "Really!?!? That's great!"

  "Yeah! We're going to the house right now. We'll take Diana to the hospital afterwards. Meet us at the hospital. Okay?"

  "Yeah! Bye officer!"

  "Goodbye Louis!"

  I left the studio, after telling the boys were I was going. I drove all the way, to the empty hosue Diana, and I use to share. I ran in, and changed my light blue button up shirt. I fixed my hair, and locked the house. I drove to the nearest flower shop. I need to get Diana her favorite flowers. I found red tulips, and I went to the cashier to pay for them. I surprised that no one noticed me, but it is the middle of a work day. I walked out of the shop, and drove to the hospital.

 When I arrived, and parked. The police showed up, and they dropped off-

  "Diana?" I said.

  I ran towards them, and caught up to officer Johnson. Diana looked different.

  "Officer. Who is this? It doesn't look like Diana," I said.

  "What's your name?" Officer Johnson asked,

  "Me? My names Diana," she responded.

  "But...you can't be. You're blonde."

  I was still holding the flowers.

  "Jake made me dye my hair. Even ask the hair dresser at the mall. Her name is Lou."

  "Lou. You mean light purple hair Lou?"

  "That's her!"

  Then Diana fainted. The officers rushed her in. Diana was emitted right away. I followed the nurses down the hall, until they took Diana to her room. I waited outside in the hall.

  "Diana look a but bigger, well more like a lot bigger. Did Jake get her pregnat?" I thought.

  The nurses walked out, and told me that I could go in. I walked in, and Diana started waking up. I set the flowers down, on the table next to her.

  "Diana," I said, and grabbed her hand. "Did Jake get you pregnat?"

  She started crying.

  "Yes. He rapped me, and I passed out. I'm about five months pregnat with his child," she responded.

 "Do you know what you're having? Wait no never mind."

  "Jake said it would've been to dangerous for me to go out their, even though he took me to the mall with him! Before my hair was dyed!"

  "Do you want to know what you are having?"


  "I'll go, and get a nurse."

  I walked out of the room, and to the front. The receptionist was on the phone. I stood their for a good five minutes or so.

  "Can I help you?" She asked.

  "Could you page room 117's nurse please?" I respodned.

  "Sure hung cutie! What's the patients name?"


  "Okay, the nurse will be their moment terrally."


  I walked back to the room, and Diana was looking at the flowers. I stood against the door frame, and started smiling. She looked up.

  "What?" She asked.

  "Oh. Umm...nothing. The nurse is coming." I responded.

  I sat down in the chair next to her. She took my hand, and smiled.

  "I really don't want to have his child, but I don't want to kill him/her either."

  "It's okay. I'll be at your side throughout the rest of the months, and the baby with you."

  "Thanks Lou..."

  The nurses walked in, and she held a clipboard.

  "Nurse, Diana wants to see her child...in her belly," I said.

  She smiled.

  “Yes. Follow me,” The nurse said.

  We helped Diana out of the bed, and into the wheelchair, that’s always kept in the room. Diana wobbled out of bed, and into the wheelchair. I wheeled Diana towards the room. Once we got their, I helped Diana get onto the bed, and since her hospital gown was in two pieces, because of her belly. The nurse lifted up her shirt and spreaded some gel on it. Seconds later a picture came up, but it was a bit staticy. The nurse continued to look for the baby. The nurse finally found the baby.

  “Congradulations! You’re having a girl!”

  I looked at Diana. Her face showed a smile, but I could tell that she still didn’t want the child. The nurse didn’t notice, at all.

  We went back to the hospital room, and Diana fell asleep after I put her back on the bed.

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