Diana is a girl from America. She suffers from bullying, and she keeps it a secret for almost four years. It's basically her entire high school life


18. Chapter 15

I saw the man that I use to like. The man that confessed his love to me. The man that came to America for me. The man...is Jake.

  I continued to look at my menu, and Louis wrapped his arm around me. One thing on the menu caught my eye, and that was a nice, juicy hamburger. I wanted to have something yummy, but something that I haven't had since I moved to the UK.

  We all ordered, and Louis kissed my head. I felt eyes, and I turned my head, and saw Jake staring at me. The boys all saw my face, when I turned back around. It was full of worry. They only knew a little bit about Jake, but I didn’t think he would stalk us.

  “Guys, I’ll be right back,” I told the boys

  “Okay!” They all responded.

  I got up, and walked to the ladies room, and took out my phone, and saw that I had a text from Jake. I unlocked my phone, and looked at the text message.

 From Jake:

 I see your happy…

  (Picture of Diana and Louis)

 But, I still want you to be MINE!!!

  I walked back out, and Jake was gone. He wasn’t where he was before. I continued to walk back to the table, the boys were sitting at. By the time I saw the boys, Jake was standing in front of it. I quickly sat down, and Jake didn’t see me, and I started listening to what Jake was saying.

  “Diana doesn’t deserve to be with you guys! She’s known me longer, and will always love me! Whoever is in love with her will pay!” Jake told them.

  Jake then looked down, and saw me. He grabbed me by the arm, and dragged me out of the restaurant. He took me to his car, and put me in it. He got in the other side, and locked it. Jake leaned in, and started to kiss me. I couldn’t unlock the car, and I couldn’t get out of his arms. I heard pounding on the windows, and Jake stopped kissing me. I saw all of the lads surrounding the car. Jake took out his keys, and started the car. The boys moved out of the way, and Jake sped off. I felt someone hit me, I looked and saw Jake with an upset facial expression. I passed out, and the car kept jerking, until it came to a haulting stop. The door opened, and Jake carried me inside. He set me down on a soft piece of furniture.

Louis POV: Diana has been gone for eight straight hours. She was taken by that so called “friend” Jake. He took her on her own birthday!! The next time I see him I’m going to beat his sorry butt, back to England.

  I went onto to Twitter, and tweeted something about Diana.

  @louis_tomlinson_offical: Guys I need you guys to find a missing girl! Her name is Diana, and her twitter account is @diana45, and she’s a dear friend of mine. A old “friend” came, and kidnapped her. We don’t know where she is, and if you guys find her, please tweet me, and the lads. Thanks guys! You’re the best fans in the world!

  I hit send, and set my phone down, and ran my hands through my hair. I can’t live without Diana at my side.

  “I will kill Jake, if he doesn't bring my girl back!” I whispered to myself.

  I sat their for a good ten minutes, until I turned on the telly. The news was on, and I wasn’t really interested, until the reporter said Diana’s name. The reporter kept talking on, and on about her kidnap.

  “Diana was last seen with a popular boy band, One Direction. They were at a diner, and one of Diana’s old friends came, and dragged her into his car. From their One Direction ran out, and tried to get her out of the car, but the friend had locked it. He sped off, and he almost took out One Direction. Back to you George,” the reporter said.

  “Thanks Karen. More on the missing girl case, is coming up after this commercial break,” George said.

  I got off of the bed, and sprinted to the rest of the boys room. I pounded on the door, and when Liam opened it, I grabbed his collar, and dragged him to my room. The rest of the boys followed. We sat down on the floor. The news came back.

  “More with the missing girl, Diana. One Direction fans, have been tweeting all of the celebrities, and their friends, and families to look out for her. This all started when Louis Tomlinson tweeted about it twenty minutes ago. He tweeted, “Guys I need you guys to find a missing girl! Her name is Diana, and her twitter account is @diana45, and she’s a dear friend of mine. A old “friend” came, and kidnapped her. We don’t know where she is, and if you guys find her, please tweet me, and the lads. Thanks guys! You’re the best fans in the world!” Louis must really care for her, but now it seems like the rest of the boys have tweeted too. Niall Horan said, “Diana means everything to us! We never wanted her to get hurt, and we just want her to come home safe.”Liam Payne tweeted, “Don’t hurt our dear Diana. She doesn’t deserve this! Diana’s already been through enough! @mrIKNOWITALL, let her go!” Harry Styles tweeted, “@mrIKNOWITALL we can give your name and identity to the police! Just let Diana go!” Zayn Malik tweeted “Fans! PLease find Diana! We don’t want Diana to get hurt! You guys love her! Please help find her!” If you see Diana, and or her kidnapper, please contact the police at 911, the responders are notified. Please stay tuned if anything else comes up with the missing girl case.”

  I sat their with the boys in shock. The news already knew that Diana was missing. They know that she's been with us. The boys told me that they were leaving to go sleep, and they left me alone. I changed into my sleeping clothes, and crawled under the covers.

  I looked at my phone, and the time, and it said 1:30am. I haven't really been able to sleep. I've only been sleeping for only three or so hours. I laid there, and stared at the ceiling. The spot next to me was cold. I looked over, and saw that Diana still wasn't back.

  I climb out of bed, and sat on the side of the bed. I ran my hand throw my hair, and looked down.

  "Diana still hasn't come back..." I thought to myself. "What am I going to do, until she comes back?"

Diana's POV: I woke up in a dark room. My eyes readjusted, and then someone turned on the light switch. Jake stood their.

  "You know...you can't keep me here forever, Jake," I told him.

  "Well I actually can, if the police is still looking for you, I can keep you until I died, and or YOU die," he responded.

  "You're a strange person Jake. I though you were so sweet, and kind, but I guess I was wrong. Your parents raised you the wrong way. They turned you into a kidnapper!"

  "Don't tell me what my parents did wrong or didn't do wrong!"

  Jake slapped me across the cheek, and smirked.

  "You know, I kind of like the feisty you. Why'd you hide it in England?"

  "I didn't belong their, and I feel safe WHERE I WAS!"

  "So...you're safe here with me? That's so sweet Diana!"

  Jake hugged me, and I bit his shoulder.


  Jake walked out of the room, and left the lights. I saw a partly shattered mirror. I saw that my hands were tapes together. I took one out, and grabbed my phone out of my pocket. I then put it in my boots, that were taken off, and they were only like 2 feet away. I heard foot steps, and I put my hand back, by my other hand. Jake re opened the door, and he was only wearing his pants. I got a sick feeling in my stomach. Jake started taking the tape off of my hands, but he wouldn't let me go. He brought me to a bed, and tied my hands to the head board, and tape my legs down.

  "Oh My God!" I thought. "He's going to rape me!"

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