Diana is a girl from America. She suffers from bullying, and she keeps it a secret for almost four years. It's basically her entire high school life


14. Chapter 12

“Will you be my girlfriend?”


  I nodded my head, and Louis kissed my cheek. Paul was still on his way to come, and get us. Louis looked at his phone, and he had a text message from someone. He responded back, and then stood up.

  “Paul’s here,” he said.

   We all got up, and ran outside. The paparazzi bombarded us, as Louis let me into the car. Paul sped off, as all of us were about to buckle. I fell onto Louis, and Louis hit the car door. Everyone started to “ooooo”, and I felt my cheeks burn. I pushed myself off of him, and buckled myself. My cheeks were still burning, and I felt someone’s head on my shoulder. I looked, and Harry’s curly hair was in my face, and he was fast asleep.

  “You look cute when you blush,” Louis whispered.

  That made me blush even more. Louis grabbed my hand, and I tried to lean my head on his shoulder, but I couldn't, with Harry's head on my shoulder. I gently moved his head, and he moved it to Liam's shoulder. Basically all of the boys were passed out again, except Louis, and me. I finally got to put my head on his shoulder. Louis wrapped his arm's around me. I moved my head to his chest. His phone buzzed in his pocket, and he didn't reach to get it. I silently, "awwwwwed," in my head. I remember Paul saying that we had a little while till we got to a different part of New York. Then I saw black, and still felt Louis warmth around me.




Sorry the chapter was so short!


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