Diana is a girl from America. She suffers from bullying, and she keeps it a secret for almost four years. It's basically her entire high school life


12. Chapter 10

"It's you, Diana. I'm in love with you."

  I was speechless. Jakes in love with me. I looked over at Louis. He smiled, and I smiled back.

  "Jake...I have to go...I'll cal you later..."

  "Okay, but one more thing!"


  "I'm coming to America soon! I'll nee visiting you, and we can do a long distance relationship!"

  "Bye Jake."


  I hung up, and looked over at Louis. He was looking at something on his phone. I sat down next to him, and put my head on his shoulder. I noticed he was on Twitter. There was pictures of the boys, and I talking. A bunch if tweets were under the picture.

  @amandarogers: Who is that? She looks like a total slut.

  @amandadavidson: Wow! @woahdirection you can do much better! Just because you fell bad for that Diana girl, who bullies me, doesn't mean you follow her to New York!

  @louist91: @amandadavidson, Diana is a lovely girl, and she was severely injured, being attacked by YOUR friends. The boys love her, and I love her. So don't go saying, "oh that Diana girl bullies me!"

  I was smiling at this point. Louis really does love me. He turned his head, and kisses my forehead. We heard a bunch if voices, and we separated. Louis got off the bed, and stood kind of in front of me. He pretended that he was talking to me. The group of girls walked passed, and didn't even noticed us. Once they were out of sight, Louis sat back down.

  "Ever since I saw you, I wanted to call you mine," Louis said.

  I started blushing. My phone started ringing again. I looked down, and saw it was Jake.

  "Who is it?"

  "One of my friend's from the UK. His name is Jake," I responded.


  "We better get back to the boys. Otherwise my parents will start to worry."


  We got off my bed, and started walking to the livingroom area. Louis was holding my hand, and we were talking. Some girls walked by, and waved. Now everyone was okay that the boys were here.

  "How long have you've live here, before you lived in the UK?"

  "For about seven years. I started here when I was five, and left a few days after my birthday. My parents wanted me to get a different education. Since the academy was smaller at the time, it was full. I was the only one to leave the academy."

  "Oh. How many were here?"

  "About one hundred. That's when my two older sisters were here. My mum was pregnant when I left, but I don't know what happened with the baby. I don't even know why I my parents have my room all set up. I'm allowed to leave when I'm eighteen."


  We made it to the living room, and my parents were sitting there. They didn't even notice us walk in. The rest of the boy were on there phones. I sat down on the loveseat, and then Louis came and joined me. He pulled out his phone, and went to his camera. He start taking pictures of me, and him.

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