Diana is a girl from America. She suffers from bullying, and she keeps it a secret for almost four years. It's basically her entire high school life


2. Chapter 1

I pushed my glasses up, and walked into school. I never hung around my locker for long, otherwise the "popular" girls would walk by, and bully me. I grabbed all of my binders, and shoved them into my tote bag. I started walking towards my first class. I saw the little possy, and walked into my first class. 
   "I don't think they saw me," I whispered. 
   "Did you say something?" A random voice asked.
   "No. I was just talking to myself. I'm Diana," I responded to the person.
   "I'm Jake. I just moved here from California," Jake respodned.
   Then everyone started piling through the door. I sat down in my assigned seat, and took out my spiral. 
   "Ew! It's that Diana girl. What's her problem anyways. She's always bullying Amanda," one of the queen bees "friend" said.
   They started snickering. I noticed that Jake was sitting across from me, and he looked over at me. I had some tears in my eyes. I knew he saw them, because he walked over to the girls.
   "Excuse me," I heard him say. "Hi. I'm Jake, and I'm new here. I'm over hearing that Diana is bulling Amanda?"
   "Well yes..." The other girl said.
   "I think that Amanda, and ALL of her friends are bullying her. Is that not correct?"
   "That's false!" The girl that said I was bullying Amanda said.
   I saw the teacher walk in, and saw Jake by the girls.
   "I don't think that false. By the looks of it, you enjoy bully Diana, and are having fun living the life of a bully."
   At that point Mrs. Domach, had heard what was going on. She pointed me to sit in her chair.
   "Thank you for the little show.." Mrs. Domach said.
   "Jake," Jake responded.
   "Jake. Jasmine, and Ally! Come to my desk now!"
   Jasmine, and Ally walked over, and stood there. The had smiles on there faces, like nothing happened.
   "I heard that you're bullying Diana, along with Amanda, and the rest if her friends."
   "No. Diana is!" Jasmine protested.
   "Ally, and Jasmine go to the principals office now!"
   They sluggishly walked out if the classroom, and sent me death glares. Mrs. Domach grabbed her desk phone, and started dialling the office. She said a few things, and hung up. A few seconds later, the speaker came on. A bunch of names were called, and they were suppose to go to the office. 
   I was sent back to my desk, and Jake handed me a note. I put it into my spiral, and kept it there. 
   At the end of class, I took out the note, and read it. It said:
   Diana...I'm sorry that you're getting bullied. I will protect u from them, and making sure they won't harm you, and making sure u aren't harming ur self. - Jake
   I looked over at him, and smiled. My braces shined in the sunlight. I have them now, since my parents both work, and barley earn enough for a house. 
   "Brrinngg!" The bell rang.
   Everyone collected there items, and walked out of the room. I'm always the last one out if the class. Jake waited for me, and we walked to our next class together. 
   We passed the "populars", and they shot me death glares. 

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