Little Fire

Ayden Tomlinson. The name Ayden actually means Little Fire. Well that's exactly how Ayden is. She gets into a lot of trouble. Detentions, Suspensions, Fights, Police, and Grounding are just a few of the things that consist of Ayden's life. But she's not like this for no reason. Her parents are one of the most famous couples ever. Elounor, or better known as Eleanor Calder and Louis Tomlinson. Having your parents be super famous isn't easy. Especially because you get hate at school and on social media. When Ayden goes too far, what will her parents do? Who will help her when she is a 16 year old on the run?


5. Chapter 5

Ayden's POV-

I woke up to a stream of bright light shining through my window. I stifled a yawn and picked myself up. Sunlight flooded my room, brightening up a day that shouldn't need to be bright. This was our final day to live this innocent life, before we betray our families and run off on our own. Today would be a day to remember forever or forget as soon as possible, depending on our outcomes.

*Tap tap* I whirled around to see that Blake was tapping restlessly on my window. I sighed and opened it wide, and backed away. He swung his bag inside and jumped in.

"We should leave before my parents wake up, it would be easier." I whispered while locking my door in the process. He nodded in agreement. We both climbed out of my window by using the big oak tree that grew near my window. We landed with a thud and took off running. Leaving behind our old lives for a while, the only thing saying that we escaped was the open window, and the note I placed on my bed (You'll see it's content later).

It was until we were a couple miles away that I said breathlessly "Sooo, where do we go next, leader."

"Did you bring money? So that we can book a room for now." He said.

Louis's POV-

I woke up and checked the time, 8:00 am, I have to wake up the kids. I slowly got out of my comfy bed and lumbered to Ayden's room.

"Ayden! Blake! Wake up you-" I blinked a couple times. The air mattress was put away, and Ayden's bed was made, with a card neatly set on it. I gasped. I slowly walked to the card and opened it up to read:

Dear Mom and Dad,

We're sick of being mistreated and disrespected. You both don't care for me. You never cared about me and you never will. Being the daughter of a famous couple is not easy. I like to get in trouble which you guys don't like, but maybe you should think about why I do these things. I'm craving for my parents' attention that I'll never get. Blake and I are leaving and we don't plan on coming back. This is for the best. Blake and I will be fine. We'll take care of each other. Don't miss us and don't worry about us. Because we won't be missing or worrying about you.


P.S. Blake left a note to his parents, so don't worry about telling them.

"ELEANOR!" I yell and begin to cry.

Why did they have to leave?

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