Little Fire

Ayden Tomlinson. The name Ayden actually means Little Fire. Well that's exactly how Ayden is. She gets into a lot of trouble. Detentions, Suspensions, Fights, Police, and Grounding are just a few of the things that consist of Ayden's life. But she's not like this for no reason. Her parents are one of the most famous couples ever. Elounor, or better known as Eleanor Calder and Louis Tomlinson. Having your parents be super famous isn't easy. Especially because you get hate at school and on social media. When Ayden goes too far, what will her parents do? Who will help her when she is a 16 year old on the run?


4. Chapter 4

Ayden's POV-

After we parted, Blake snuck to his house to start packing. I turned around to see my half-finished bag. I threw clothes for hot weather and even for the cold weather. I still don't know how long I'm going to be away. When I was done with packing my shoes, I laid down on my bed, thinking that tomorrow (A/N- Today is Thursday and she's leaving Saturday) is going to be the last time I sleep on this bed.

<<<<<<<<<< Friday >>>>>>>>>>

I ran up the stairs and into my bedroom with Blake following close behind me. I slammed the door and locked it for safety measures. We couldn't have my parents overhearing our plans... especially not today. I dropped my bag by the door and threw myself onto my bed. Blake put his bag down next to mine and sat on the beanbag by the window.

Gazing out the window, into our calm, peaceful neighborhood, Blake took a deep breath and muttered, "Tomorrow, huh?"

I could sense the uneasiness in his voice as he processed that today would be our last day at home. This time tomorrow, we'd be somewhere far from here, trying to make our own living. This time tomorrow, we'd be all alone with only the two of us to keep us company. This time tomorrow, our parents would be worried sick about us... no wait... that's unlikely. They probably wouldn't have even noticed that we were missing. That's what I want to run away from. I am sick and tired of being ignored, of being the one nobody cares about, of being the unwanted child of one of Europe's most famous pop star and model.

I gritted my teeth, "Yes. Tomorrow, we'll be free from this stupid life. We'll be free to create our own life the way we want it to be. We won't have to be stuck in our parents' grasps anymore."

It felt good saying it out loud. It made the whole thing that much more real, like it was actually going to happen.

Blake sighed, not taking his eyes off the piece of glass separating my room from the the outside world. "Remind me again how I agreed to this?" he asked.

I leaned against my pillow and stretched out my feet. "Well, I didn't want to go alone so I asked you to come with me. Then you said ok, only because you are the bestest friend in the whole world," I told him, grinning at the end, hoping he wouldn't change his mind now.

He turned to face me. Raising an eyebrow, he said, "Is that so?"

I nodded, encouraging him to go on.

"Well then... if I'm the bestest friend it the whole world, you would have to listen to me, right?"

I stared at him, not knowing what I was getting myself into.

"Don't worry. I won't tell you not to go. You've already made your decision there. But if you want me to come, all I'm asking for is... wait first I need you to agree to my deal, whatever it is," he said.

I frowned, "What do you mean?"

"You have to agree first," he urged.

I weighed my options. I agree, he'll come with me, but at the same time I'll have to stay true to his deal (hopefully a good one). I don't agree, he won't come with me, but the deal's off, in case it's a bad one. I sighed. He knew me too well. I always love taking risks. I'll have to go with the 'agree' option.

"Fine. What do you want?" I interrogated.

I saw the ends of his mouth twist upwards. "Good. All I want is a simple agreement from you. You have already decided we are running away. You have also decided that you're taking me with you. But once we leave tomorrow, you have to let me be the one to lead the way. Wherever I go, you follow. No excuses. Deal" he stated.

It seemed like a fair deal. After all, I'm not very good with streets and I have no idea where to go. So it seemed like a better option putting this into Blake's hands.

"Deal," I said, sealing the matter.

His smile widened. "Now that that's cleared up... let's get packing."


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