Little Fire

Ayden Tomlinson. The name Ayden actually means Little Fire. Well that's exactly how Ayden is. She gets into a lot of trouble. Detentions, Suspensions, Fights, Police, and Grounding are just a few of the things that consist of Ayden's life. But she's not like this for no reason. Her parents are one of the most famous couples ever. Elounor, or better known as Eleanor Calder and Louis Tomlinson. Having your parents be super famous isn't easy. Especially because you get hate at school and on social media. When Ayden goes too far, what will her parents do? Who will help her when she is a 16 year old on the run?


3. Chapter 3

Blake's POV-

"I don't think you should do this. Something could happen. You could get hurt or get taken. Ayden, I don't want anything to happen to you." I say. "Blake, I need to do this for me. I don't belong here. I don't belong as Elounor's daughter." she says. "Sure you do! Yes, you're going through some struggles right now, but your parents love you, your family loves you, I love you. Don't leave." I whisper. "I've made my decision, Blake." she states. "This Saturday I'm leaving." she adds.

This Saturday, my best friend is leaving. She's packing up and running away. I'm the only one who knows. I don't know if I'm going to keep her secret for her. I don't know where she is going, but she said she will keep in contact with me and I hope she does.

"Come with me." she says. "Come with me. We can stay together. We can make a new life for ourselves. Come with me, Blake." she begs. "What about my parents?" I ask her. "I don't want to leave forever, just long enough for them to know how we're feeling. Long enough for them to feel the pain we feel everyday." she says. She had a point there.

"Okay. I'll come with you." I say. She smiles and pulls me into her arms. I wrap my arms around her too. "I love you, Blake." she whispers. "I love you too, Ayden."



Sorry for the long wait and short chapter!

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