Little Fire

Ayden Tomlinson. The name Ayden actually means Little Fire. Well that's exactly how Ayden is. She gets into a lot of trouble. Detentions, Suspensions, Fights, Police, and Grounding are just a few of the things that consist of Ayden's life. But she's not like this for no reason. Her parents are one of the most famous couples ever. Elounor, or better known as Eleanor Calder and Louis Tomlinson. Having your parents be super famous isn't easy. Especially because you get hate at school and on social media. When Ayden goes too far, what will her parents do? Who will help her when she is a 16 year old on the run?


2. Chapter 2

Ayden's POV-

This is so boring. Since Blake's parents are on a trip, Blake is staying with us. But we're grounded and suspended, so we've been stuck in my room for the past 4 days and the suspension lasts for 1 week. The only time we are aloud out of my room is for eating and going to the bathroom. Oh and we got our iPhones, Macbooks, iPads, and basically any device taken away. The only thing they let us have is the TV. We've been watching these movies on ABC Family. We're really board.

"I can't take it anymore." I say. "I know I'm so bored." Blake says as we watch the credits roll through the screen. I think it was Toy Story. "I wish Uncle Liam was here to watch Toy Story with us." I say. "He would've loved it." Blake says. Blake has met all of my family and I have met all of his. We've known each other since birth. We're really close. That's why my parents grounded Blake too.

"Dinner!" Dad yells. Blake and I race to the door to get out of the room. We needed to get out. It's like being in prison. I don't plan on going to prison, because this is terrible. You get so paranoid.

Blake and I go into the dining room and sit down next to each other. Mom and Dad sit across from us. "Ayden, will you say grace?" mom asks me. "Thank you for this meal and thank you for my health and family. Amen." I say and then we all begin to eat.

Mom and Dad made spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. It is really good and it feels good to get out of my room for a second. "What have you guys been doing upstairs?" Dad asks. "Going insane." Blake says. "When are these pranks going to stop?" Mom asks. "When you guys understand how we feel." I say under my breath. I look up to see Mom and Dad's faces. They heard what I said.

"One day Ayden, you're probably going to go too far." Dad says. "Probably." I say. "Do you know how we feel? Our daughter is a juvenile delinquent! She has been arrested, has charges with polices, at least 3 suspensions, and millions of detentions and she is only 16. We feel like we're being bad parents, Ayden!" Mom yells. "Maybe you are!" I yell back. "Ayden! You do not mean that!" Dad yells at me. "But I do." I say and take my plate and drink upstairs with me. Soon after Blake follows with his meal.

"They don't understand." I whisper with tears falling down my face as Blake hugs me and I cry into his chest.

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