Little Fire

Ayden Tomlinson. The name Ayden actually means Little Fire. Well that's exactly how Ayden is. She gets into a lot of trouble. Detentions, Suspensions, Fights, Police, and Grounding are just a few of the things that consist of Ayden's life. But she's not like this for no reason. Her parents are one of the most famous couples ever. Elounor, or better known as Eleanor Calder and Louis Tomlinson. Having your parents be super famous isn't easy. Especially because you get hate at school and on social media. When Ayden goes too far, what will her parents do? Who will help her when she is a 16 year old on the run?


1. Chapter 1

Ayden's POV-

"Hurry up!" Blake yells over to me. "I know, I know." I say. I finish covering the whole classroom with chocolate syrup. I walk out and tell him that it's finished. He hands me my skateboard and we both drop ours on the ground.

As we cruise through the hallways of our high school at around 1 am in the morning, we goof around and act like idiots while laughing. "How did you get us in here again?" Blake asks me. "Hanger and a paper clip. Works every time." I say referring to the lock on the school's front entrance. "That's why I love you, Ayden." he smiles. "Only as a friend though." he adds. I don't know why, but I felt sort of sad when he said that.

We ride our skateboards all the way to Blake's house. His parents are gone for the week on vacation, so we won't get in trouble. My parents think their daughter is sound asleep at Blake's house. Ha, not. She's just up vandalizing the school, that's all.

"So how are we not getting caught?" he asks as we walk up to his room. "I'm getting caught! You're not though. I'm fine with it, they'll know it's me from all of my past pranks, but I'm proud to get accused for my work, because they can officially recognize it now." I say smiling and plopping down on his bed. "Yeah, but I am always right there next to you!" he says. "Yes, but the mastermind always gets caught." I say. "Whatever you say Mastermind." he says and lays down next to me. "That's Miss Mastermind to you." I say as we both chuckle. "Night Ayden." he says as he pulls the covers over us. "Night Blake." I say and fall asleep.


Louis' POV-

"Oh great. Look who's calling me Eleanor." I say and show her the caller ID on my phone. "Why does she always have to get in trouble?!" El exclaims as we both grab our coats and get into our car.

Once we get into the office which we know all too well, we see Ayden and Blake sitting there with smug looks on their faces. "Ayden, would you like to tell your parents what you did this time?" Principal Jones says. "Gladly! I covered our History room in chocolate syrup, with Blake's help of course!" she smiles as they both high five. "Ayden!" I say. She just smirks at us. "Suspension for Ayden and Blake. That will be all." Principal Jones finishes.

All 4 of us walk out and El says, "You both are grounded for the entire suspension if not longer. And we're calling your parents, Blake."




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