Kidnapped by WHO?!?!?!?

all this well some of this is based on selyy's book so I will give some cred to her:]


1. im here

OMG!!! I just got kidnapped by one direction. I don't even like them and they kidnapped me. Oh sorry I didn't tell you about my self. My name is Ella Styles yes I'm harry Styles' sister. I'm 19 and I have blond hair and greenish-blueish eyes. I am cheeky loveable I have dimples like my brother. So yeah that's about me. But I just don't get why HE would kidnapped me. So now I'm here in this huge house.

Harrys P.O.V

I just took my sister! I saw her about to be token with her ex boyfriend. So I panicked and just took her and put het in a black van me and the lads ride in. I told them every thing so they just agreed to it. Now she is in the guest bedroom I fell so geulty yet so proud of my self.





Hey guys! sorry I haven't been writing any thing in a while. I have been dealing with my boyfriend and my band my boyfriend has been staring at other girls. And my band is just stating we have made a new song


Shelby xoxo

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