Kidnapped by WHO?!?!?!?

all this well some of this is based on selyy's book so I will give some cred to her:]


3. Ella's P.O.V

wow this place is HUGE H-U-G-E!!

I'm still mad at Harry but you cant blame him he is my big brother I can under stand that. He must of thought that my friend was my ex I could hear him talking to the nest of the group. Knock Knock oh that's just great some body wants to talk to me note the starcasim [sorry don't know how to spell it] ''Hey'' he said I turned around and saw the most beautiful blue eyes there ever were. ''Hello?'' he said then I said, '' Oh sorry I was just looking at your pretty eyes" "Oh crap" I said putting my hands over my mouth. "It's ok" he said "I'm Niall by the way" nice name I said. All he did was laugh a little. its cute I thought to myself. Oh no I thought I cant even like my kiddnaper. Sorry for the crapy chapter guys I will try to update asap

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