Kidnapped by WHO?!?!?!?

all this well some of this is based on selyy's book so I will give some cred to her:]


7. A/N

Hey my beautiful people,

So one of you guys told me to change my cover. So I did, this is what Ella looks like on the cove but she is supposed to have crystal blue eyes instead. I hope you like it and nobody told me to make Ella Niall's girl friend so I'm giving you 24 hours to tell me like sometimes I will only take the first person. so yeah and plus I changed my mind! I will let some people have a boy friend in here I need one for Zayn and Liam.  So yeah. Hope you like it and go to my page and go to the people that I'm a fan of and read some of their books they are great sorry that this Isn't a real chappy but I'm sick {I have a cold} but I will try to update every day.

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