Kidnapped by WHO?!?!?!?

all this well some of this is based on selyy's book so I will give some cred to her:]


2. A/N

hey guys, so I have some good boy friend ISNT staring at other girls. But he is kinda pushing me to hold his hand. I know that's a good thing, but it reminds me of my ex. what happen was that he said he loved me and all. Then I saw him kissing another girl so when my boyfriend holds my hang it reminds me of my ex :[ sorry this isn't a real chapter. But one of you said you liked it and it made my day so yeah I'm not doing any girlfriend thing so sorry if you wanted to do that. I'm thinking about making Ella Nialler's girl friend so yeah. Tell me what you think im already making my sister have harry and another girl have Louis because I really didn't describe so yeah I'm sooo sorry but maybe this will make you happy im going to you sound mean but near the end you will be nice. I wanted some drama in it! BYE


Shelby xoxo

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