Can't Say Three Words

Jenna met Liam at the park and they quickly hit it off but the problem is that Jenna never says "I love you" to Liam no matter how many times he says it to her. Will Liam figure out why? Will he change that?


1. Jenna and Izzy

Jenna's P.O.V

The name is Parks. Jenna Parks. As you can see I am a James Bond fan. I broke up with my boyfriend well actually I guess he is my EX boyfriend now. Anyways, I broke up with him last week but I didn't cry about it okay.,, I did but now I am over him and I am a single Pringle :). "Hey Jenson. Should I wear my hair up or down for Juliet's party?" My best friend Isabella asked. "Down hair look beautiful on you Izzy" I said. Yes, I call her Izzy and she calls me Jenson. My real name is Jennifer but I go by Jenna. "OK I have to go now but I'll see you at the party." Izzy said and left. Juliet, a girl on our school always throws these awesome start of summer pool parties and since we just finished school yesterday the party is today. I got ready in a bathing suit and did my hair. I didn't do make up cause its a pool party. Why would I?

Jenna's bathing suit: 

I grabbed my towel and flip flops and drove to Juliet's house. 

**at the house**

I went to the backyard and said hi to a few familiar faces and then I saw him....

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