Can't Say Three Words

Jenna met Liam at the park and they quickly hit it off but the problem is that Jenna never says "I love you" to Liam no matter how many times he says it to her. Will Liam figure out why? Will he change that?


2. Harry Edward Styles

Jenna's P.O.V

And then I saw him.,,, my ex boyfriend Harry, Harry Edward Styles. That British popstar in One Direction. Me and Harry dated for three weeks but he never introduced me to any of his friends. He was embarrassed of me so I broke up with him. Why is he even here? Well let's just hope he doesn't see me..., and too late... Ugh.. He is coming over here. "Hello Jen" he said. "Hi Harry" I answered politely even though I really wanted to yell at him. "How have you been, love?" He asked. Why is he being so nice to me? "I'm okay but what are you doing here?" I asked. "Juliet's brother is one of my band mates. Would you like to meet him?" He asked. Oh so now he wants me to meet them. "Okay" I nodded and started following him into the house and to the basement where 4 boys were sitting playing Fifa. "Hello lads" Harry said. They all turned around and then stood up and walked to us. "Hello Harry. And who is this lovely lady?" The blonde one said. "I'm Jennifer Jenson but I prefer Jenna or Jen" I said. "Well its a pleasure to meet you I am Niall." The blo- I mean Niall said. "I'm Zayn Malik and that's Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and well you already know Harry so..,, anyways its great to meet you" the black haired one said. "So how do you know Harry?" Louis asked. "He is my-" I started to say but Harry interrupted me "boyfriend" he said. "What?" Me and the boys all said but then Liam went upstairs.. And I didn't even get to see what he looks like. "Yes. Me and Jen are dating but we didn't wanna tell anyone yet" Harry said while putting his arm around my shoulders and whispering "Play along" in my ear.

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