In The Name of Lynch

Twenty-five years after teen genius Bryce Lynch was placed in cryostasis, the children created from his DNA must be gathered together in the face of an upcoming war.


28. A Mother's Acceptance

-A Mother's Acceptance- 

Once Bryce was dried off and properly dressed, Jenny kissed his forehead very gently. She frowned at how cold it was. 

"Well, that will never do," she said. She got one of Edison's sweaters and wrapped it around Bryce's head like a turban. "That's the best I can do for now, love. I just wish I knew a way to warm you up more quickly. Truth is I do, but I'm not going to do that. I've never met a boy, a young man really, more innocent in the ways of the bedroom than you are. I treasure that too much to take advantage of you." 

"I guess I was wrong about you," Marian said from the doorway. 

"I thought you went to town." 

"I stopped at an old tire swing and found myself sitting on it and thinking about everything I'd said." 

"The tire swing is only a few hundred yards from the pond," Jenny said in an accusing tone. "Why didn't you come when we were saving your son's life?" 

"I was afraid of what the sound meant," Marian admitted. "I'd said some very nasty things including a death wish regarding Bryce. I was terrified that my wish had come true." 

"It still might if we can't get him warmed up before too long," Jenny said. "Mrs. Lynch, I know you love your son. I do, too." 

Marian walked over to the bed and put her hand on Jenny's shoulder. "Sleep beside him tonight. You'll be over the covers and him under so you won't have worry about defiling him. He needs your warmth. And a few simple kisses won't ruin him." 

Jenny lie on the bed next to Bryce and wrapped her arms around him. She kissed his forehead again, the tip of his nose, his lips, and just below his right ear. It was as much as she dared to do until after they were properly married. 

Marian smiled, slightly, and sat in a small rocking chair in the corner, intending to keep watch on her son for the remainder of the night. It was the least she could do, she decided, after the way she had berated him. The words she had said when they had argued came back to haunt her now. True he had fired off similar words at her. But it did not lessen the guilt she now felt. No, Marian Lynch would not allow herself to sleep until she knew that her son was out of danger. 

But things do not always go as planned and Marian, being no spring chicken, dozed off about ten minutes later. 

At some point during the night, Bryce warmed up enough to roll onto his side and push aside the covers just enough to put one arm around Jenny, as if she were a giant teddy bear. And so the two of them slept like that under the watchful gaze of the moonlight that came through the window. 

But even the moon grew tired after a while, and was grateful for the cover of the clouds as the evening sky opened and rain came and kept watch for an hour. 

In the true morning, the sun crept quietly over the horizon and onto the sleeping face of Marian Lynch. She woke and smiled, softly, knowing that her son would not die on this day. 

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