forbidden love

Lily Tomlinson was Louis' younger sister, but they haven't spoken since he was here on a break 2 years ago. she missed him, and she had never met the other boys. what happens when Lily falls in love with Niall? (she is 19) will Louis support them? or will he keep them apart?


1. meet me

CHAPTER 1: meet me

Lily's POV:

its been around 2 years since I last saw my brother. I missed him but he was on tour, so what could I do? well he is coming back tomorrow and I get to see him. he is bringing the rest of the boys, so I wonder how that will go. I have to share a room with Niall, I think that's the blonde one  who likes to eat. Louis decided he needed to share a room with Harry, AW larry stylinson! hehe no. anyway this seems like it will be interesting, getting to see my brother. I haven't seen him since my Aunt Laura died. I wasn't very close with Aunt Laura, but my mom was. after my aunt died my mom got angry. she kicked me out and I moved to Mullingar, Ireland. so no im not in Doncaster. Louis stayed with my mom because my mom thinks he wasn't mature enough to move out, which is true. I don't speak with my mom but my dad and his girlfriend visit every year at least once. you see, my mom and dad had a disagreement as to whether or not I move out aince I was on 18. im 20 now. anyway my mom kicked my dad out too. and my dad divorced her. he met Anna, his girlfriend. so that should catch you up.



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