There Are Reasons

I remember walking down the aisle and seeing your face. I remember the sunny days at the beach. I remember. But there were reasons why I had to go... I miss you...


1. Kids

15 years ago:

"Travis! It's your turn!" I laughed. Me and my best friend Travis Clark, were playing hide and seek. He smiled. "I'm going Sky I'm going."I smiled and hid. He counted to ten and he looked for me. I giggled and he turned aroundv and tackled me down with tickles. I laughed. "stop! " Travis stopped and looked at me. I smiled. "You're my best friend Sky. Always and Forever." He said. I smiled.





Wow, I miss Travis... He was always there for me. But he left. He became famous and forgot about me. Of course we wouldn't be best friends forever. That's for little kids. I'm an adult. I'm twenty years old, finishing college. I'm getting a degree in Dancing. I want to be a professional dancer. And we are getting there! But I miss Travis...

I woke up at seven in the morning and sighed. I put on the radio and one of Travis' songs played. You and only you. Singing along while getting dressed, I thought of him. His ginger hair, his eyes, his voice, his smile... Everything about him made me crave a desire. An urge. A wanting. I sighed and left to college in my grey Camaro. Another day without Travis. Another day without my best friend. I got to the university and fixed my black short, my knee high boots, my white shirt and went to take classes.

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