There Are Reasons

I remember walking down the aisle and seeing your face. I remember the sunny days at the beach. I remember. But there were reasons why I had to go... I miss you...


2. Forget Me Nots

While I took my Ballet class I wondered what it must be like to be famous. The fans, the money, the parties, all of it. Then I heard girls screaming and camera clicks. I ignored it and continued practicing my splits. As my long legs slid down to a split, I closed my eyes and then heard footsteps. I got up and turned around. 

"Sky?" Said a ginger haired boy

"Um can I help you?" I asked not recognizing who it was.

"It's me, Travis Clark." I looked at him. His smile. The one smile I always loved. A tear escaped my eye and I hugged him tight. 

"I missed you so much gingerbread..." 

"I know, I missed you too."

"What are you doing here?" I asked, letting go of him.

"I'm here to invite you to my wedding, this Saturday." He said smiling. My heart crashed when he said wedding.

"Y-you're getting married?" He nodded. "I guess I can make it..." He smiled widely.

"It's in the Palacio di Encantatum. I'll see you there, dancer." He smiled and left. I broke down to cry. Why Travis? Why are you getting married? I pulled myself and left home. I have to get ready to face him. But it's weird he remembered me... He came personally to invite me... 

"I hope we still can be friends..."

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