Good Girl - 1D

17 year old Alyson is not your everyday teenage girl. Being born in a rich and well educated family meant she had to attend private schools, keep a high status in town and most importantly spend time with the right people. But Alyson has never really been the snobbish type, and hates the attitude "her friends" had. That's why she pulls a stupid prank at school and gets expelled immediately, having to attend a normal high school. It's already hard enough to be the new sophomore at school, but also having to hide "her good girl status" Is suddenly harder then ever, and when she gets involved with a special group of guys, including Harry Styles, everything at once just seems impossible. But will she be able to keep her little secret?


1. Quote

 “The best way of keeping a secret

is to pretend there isn't one.” 





                            Good Girl - LiaxM

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