Emily Potter Year 2

I’m Emily Potter…. And going to my second year at Hogwarts. I have found several new friends and found a shall we say power I have? I can get into people’s minds, Lupin called it Legimency I believe. Kinda odd. My best friend (Benjamin Artemis Moon) a Ravenclaw student lives in a village less than two miles away from where I live. He’s a half blood and really nice, but rather quiet….. I wonder why.
I make a few new friends…. (Raven Black, Ginny Weasley and Grace Falcon). Grace has a secret…. And she’s only told me. I intend to keep it that way. We both agreed to do something that I really should regret… but don’t. At least not yet. This secret is the reason that she has no friends (and apparently family).
At Diagon Alley I saw a man die because of a Death Eater. The Death Eater tried to kill me as well I still have nightmares about it.….. now I can see Thestrals, one in particular seems to have a strange attraction to me…. Her name is Nightmare.
Also strange things are happening wit


2. Sick

Emily's P.O.V.

Thank Merlin Moony-(Sorry old habit) Lupin is at work. That was the only thought that went through my head as I was violently sick into the toilet. I hated throwing up. I hated being sick. Then again don’t most people? Okay I think I might be done-no. I’m not. This has gotta be one of the worst, I mean my stomach is starting to hurt.

I laughed almost psychotically. This was still better than when I was 5. So much better. I must look insane, a skinny girl, being violently sick and laughing psychotically. Well the good thing is that Lu- screw it I’m sick Moony is at work.

He gets poorly paying jobs occasionally. This is his first day in yet a poor paying job, and he’s had enough poor paying for me to know that he’ll be out until at least 11:00. Luckily its 10:09 at the moment so he won’t have to deal with me.

I know that sound stupid but he’s already exhausted from work, he doesn’t need more stress or need to deal with me being sick. When did I even eat broccoli? Great now I’ve got a effing headache. Some stomach bug.

I was looking out at the night sky from a window. I brushed  bit of brown hair out of my face and stared out at the moon letting out a wolf-like howl in hope someone would find me. In hope there were others like me who would come and save me from my terrible fate.

I yanked myself off of the floor. What the hell just happened. Why was I on my back? Then I felt more bile rise in my throat and I pulled myself up and threw up in the toilet again. I can’t even identify what that is. Aw eww.

But what was that I’m in a bathroom… no windows… And I’m a bloody red-head not a brunette! What oh Merlin my head! I found my hand rubbing circles on my temple. The pain became rapidly intense and dear Merlin not again!

“She doesn’t deserve that.” I hissed though my voice wasn’t mine… it wasn’t even feminine. “She does deserve it. She asked for it. She is my apprentice, brother not yours.” Hissed a man pacing in the shadows “She didn’t ask for what you do to her. She asked for you to help her. She was barely living when you brought her home. She’s even worse now.” I snarled my hands balling into fists

“I don’t remember asking for you opinion brother.” The man snapped head whipping up from the ground his eyes gleaming yellow like that of a cats. “Anubis-“ I began but he began to cackle madly “You have feeling for the child don’t you William?” He mused smiling his deranged smile

“She has told me far more than she ever has you. I have learned more from her willingly speaking to me then you ever will with your wicked ways.” I snapped and felt the man I called my brother smack me hard across my face and laugh as I whipped the blood away. He had cut me. “Brother you shall not defy me. Do not even try to. And my apprentice is mine and mine alone.” The man hissed and laughed as I merely bowed my head in defeat

I felt myself moan. I was sick and I guess seeing through someone else’s eyes. That makes about as much sense as anything I guess… Yeah that makes sense! I was scared. I hate to admit it but I was being violently sick (being sick mucus and blood at the moment), seeing through another person’s eyes (okay that was making more sense the more I said it), and home alone, so I think I can admit that I’m scared and have good reason to be.

At least its not a full moon! Oh that was just a horrible attempt at optimism…… “F*ck this f*ck Merlin. F*ck this stupid stomach bug and god Dammit.” I went down to puke again. “Bloody fantastic! More f*cking blood!” If coughing up blood wasn’t something I had done I would freak out. I used to do that when I was little.

I became sick again. The pain of being sick was nothing to that of when I finished. Oh good it went from the world’s worst migraine to someone’s trying to rip my brain out! *on pain levels* That’s bloody wonderful! Okay falling backwards into darkness wonderful!

“Maybe someone will owl me… Think they still remember me Hedwig?” I asked (oh good I’m seeing what Harry sees yippee.) the snowy owl twittered in response. “That’s what I thought.” I (or do I say Harry?) sighed

“GOD DAMMIT!” I howled and felt my stomach give another heave I-was-not-happy-at-all.

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