Emily Potter Year 2

I’m Emily Potter…. And going to my second year at Hogwarts. I have found several new friends and found a shall we say power I have? I can get into people’s minds, Lupin called it Legimency I believe. Kinda odd. My best friend (Benjamin Artemis Moon) a Ravenclaw student lives in a village less than two miles away from where I live. He’s a half blood and really nice, but rather quiet….. I wonder why.
I make a few new friends…. (Raven Black, Ginny Weasley and Grace Falcon). Grace has a secret…. And she’s only told me. I intend to keep it that way. We both agreed to do something that I really should regret… but don’t. At least not yet. This secret is the reason that she has no friends (and apparently family).
At Diagon Alley I saw a man die because of a Death Eater. The Death Eater tried to kill me as well I still have nightmares about it.….. now I can see Thestrals, one in particular seems to have a strange attraction to me…. Her name is Nightmare.
Also strange things are happening wit


3. Anubis Valcore

Snape’s P.O.V.

Stupid, old, demented, useless, son of a bi-

“Ahh Severus you’ve cared to finally join me.” Sang my old “friend” in an unusually un-psychotic tone

“I apologize for my lateness but a certain Headmaster decided to keep me for yet another lecture about where my boundaries lie and the students and their safety.” I sneered

Anubis made a tut tut tut noise. “I am sorry to hear that, it is rather unfortunate to know that The Dark Lord made you spy on the sorry bag of bones!” He hissed giving a short psychotic laugh he was known for

“Want any anything to drink? Merlot? Sherry? Vodka? Tea?” He asked me and I rolled my eyes “No thank you Anubis. How have things been going with you? I know The Ministry has been breathing down the back of your neck.” I questioned a scrambling upstairs causing me to look up at the ceiling.

“William got them to bugger off. OI Jasmine!” He snarled as the Griffindor girl slunk down the steps. “Would you bloody be f*cking quiet for one whole night you useless b*tch. What in Merlin’s name did you f*cking break this time!??!” He yelled and I felt myself tense, I knew what that felt like… Poor child.

“William. I ruddy told you to do keep her quiet. Why didn’t you bound and gag her like I asked? Can you do nothing right?” Anubis snarled and I felt very sorry for his brother and Jasmine… I hope Emily’s been there for her. She needs a lot of support.

“Anubis leave he child out of it. And hello Severus, I hope everything’s going well at Hogwarts.” William said grabbing Jasmine’s shoulder tightly and walking out of the room practically pushing the girl in front of him. I was familiar with William, never really knew him though (he’s Anubis’s twin brother of course but that’s about all I know).

“Useless girl. She was placed in bloody Griffindor you know. I gave her a beating for that she’ll never forget. So how have things been with you?” Anubis snarled his voice changing casually from the topic of beating with great rage, to how things have been with me… He’s the reason I actually came out of Hogwarts in one piece, I believe “The Maunders” would have had me sent home in a match box if it wasn’t for him… I owe him that at the least.

“Well I still have to teach utter Morons Potions so nothing much has changed.” I sneered Anubis laughed “Well when The Dark Lord returns all that information you’ve been gathering will finally have a use.” He smirked

“Like I’ve been getting useful information.”

“I’m sure you have something of use to The Dark Lord.”

“You obviously haven’t worked with Albus Dumbledore.”

Anubis gave a low chuckle. “Touché.” He snickered, he wasn’t that bad.


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