Secret Walls

Jay Khan's father has investigated violent crimes and murders for years. Does he care? No. Not until the day masked people in a white van kidnaps him and only left him with grey walls and a shy girl. Suddenly Jays is realizing how lucky he has been, not knowing the truth about the dark side of life, the life that his father has been trying to defeat for all those years.


2. Chapter 1. Kidnapped.

Jay Khan ties his sneakers and looks at his jacket with a considering gaze. His body is still pumping with heat from the training session, even after the long shower. Trainer Tanner had forced the team to run in the forest nearby after training to improve their condition for the new season. The period of rain had begun a few weeks earlier, and combined with the fall's usual unpleasantness, the run had been a completely mess in mud and scratching branches.
    "Good job today, Jay," his friend Drew says pointing a stick of deodorant at him. "I'd never though we would survive the forest. Even my hair was brown when we got back here."
    "Drew your hair is always brown. Wait is that my deo?" Jay takes the deodorant into a closer perspective. 
    "So?" Drew sniffs to his armpit and frowns. "You should choose another smell."
    "Ever heard of asking?" Jay decides to let the weather outside win. He puts on his jacket and tucks down the deodorant into his bag. "You are supposed to the steal the football, not your teammate's stuff."
    "You can't have both mister tough guy!" Drew imitates a defenders dance trying to block for the non-exiting opponent. "And Drew Schmidt takes the ball, he makes his way through Meyers and Petes, two legends, but Schmidt is better, he handles over the ball to Khan, Khan tricks Fletcher, Greggs almost gets him, but Khan makes it, it's almost unbelievable, he continues, passes Isacc, he hits and - GOAL!" Drew jumps to the bench to high-five Jay. "What should you do in the field without me?"
    "Find another team-mate to blame when I fail." Jay slaps Drew's shoulder with a fist."D, I have to get home. My mom freaks out if I get home late again."
    "Ashley?" Drew puts on his own jacket and Jay follows him out in the stormy weather.
    "Yeah. She was way too happy when she heard we broke up weeks ago."
    "Women." Drew pulls out his bike. "Well. My mom is making BBQ, so I won't hold you back anymore."
Jay shakes his head laughing when Drew disappears. Drew could be extremely superficial. His entire life was how many goals you could score in football, his mothers BBQ and girls. He would fit perfectly with Ashley. Girls were hotter slim, but Ashley's daily meal only contained a bottle of water. Hot, but stupid. He could never really have a proper conversation with her. Maybe it had been a good thing, when she dumped him for some older guy paying for her too expensive car, even though she'll first turn eighteen next summer. How much money you've earned and calories you've lost, was, to be honest, the only thing he had ever heard her talking about.
Jay's dad works at the police-station in the capital. He has now been promoted to an executive job in the department of International Investigation. If police-corps from other countries investigates cases involving people from his nationality, his department will be included in the investigation. Quite a big shift for his father, who had worked  in the field investigating violent crimes and murders for years. His father's profession had over time made his mother quite paranoid, and with his father not as young as he used to be, he decided to accept the offer as a quiet boss dealing with international problems from his silent office far away from where it happens.
Jay's father always asks him what he would like to be when he finish high school. Jay always tells him that he wants to be a football-player. He knows that his father always wishes to hear him say that he want's to be in the police, but to be honest Jay doesn't know. He is seventeen years old, plays football every time the school rings the bell of, cause so do his friends, and he is good at it. Even though Jay doesn't expect spending his entire life kicking around a ball, his father shouldn't have the satisfaction hearing him say that he will follow in his footprints.
Jay is so deeply focused into his thoughts that when he first sees the white van following him, when it stops right besides him with an ominously noise and people convert in black masks jump out to grab him. Jay tries to run, but they are too many and even when he fights with all that he has ever learned, together they are strong enough to defeat his football trained body. His vision becomes black, blocked by something covering his eyes, and he feels the stroke in his shoulder when he hits the bottom of the van. He can feel the pressure of a heavy body pressing him against the floor and someone tying his hand and legs together. He can hear the silent bump from the door and feel the motor of the van carry him away and he realizes that he has just been kidnapped. 

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