Open Your Eyes (Larry Fanfic)

One Direction have been a band for 3 years now. Fan's think they know everything about them, when they actually don't. Harry and Louis have been hiding their secret relationship for those 3 years now. They'd been through heartbreak, hard times and lots of fights. But because it was true love, they made it through. Some fan's had been suspecting things over the past few years. Louis even said it was bullshit. No, it wasn't. During one interview with Nick Grimshaw, Harry gives out a sign. A sign Larry is real.

"Open your eyes"


1. Story line


So for this fanfic, I will be trying as hard as I can to write a Larry Stylinson fanfic.

Harry and Louis have been dating for 3 years.

Hiding it, of course.

It will not be in anyone's POV

That just makes it confusing.

Louis still has Eleanor as a cover up.


Larry Stylinson seems to be breaking

Harry cries the nights Louis has to go out and spend time with Eleanor

He can't keep pretending its fine




Imma give it all away

I used to write on quotev, BUT

Quotev decided to be a bitch and delete all my accounts :)

So here I am, back again!



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