Open Your Eyes (Larry Fanfic)

One Direction have been a band for 3 years now. Fan's think they know everything about them, when they actually don't. Harry and Louis have been hiding their secret relationship for those 3 years now. They'd been through heartbreak, hard times and lots of fights. But because it was true love, they made it through. Some fan's had been suspecting things over the past few years. Louis even said it was bullshit. No, it wasn't. During one interview with Nick Grimshaw, Harry gives out a sign. A sign Larry is real.

"Open your eyes"


2. Pretending

It was just another normal day, you could say. Harry, Louis, Liam, Zayn and Niall were getting ready for another interview. Harry paced around the changing room eating a banana. He was nervous. "Babe, calm down" Louis joked, fixing his hair in the mirror. Harry walked up behind Louis, who was sat fixing his hair in the mirror. Harry chuckled as Louis frantically tried to make his hair stand up in a quiff. Louis pouted and turned around to face Harry. "Boo, help me?" Louis whined, giving Harry a puppy dog look. Harry shot a soft smile at his boyfriend, before grabbing some gel and playing with Louis' hair. Harry liked the way Louis' hair felt. It was always so soft, and it always smelt so nice. "Done!" Harry smiled, quickly pecking Louis on the lips.


"Guys, time for the interview!" Paul said, walking and pushing the boys out the door. This was the time Harry and Louis had to act like they barely knew each other. "Give a warm welcome to One Direction!" Alan Carr announced. They boys walked on one by one. Harry, Liam, Niall, Zayn and then Louis. They all managed to squeeze onto the small couch. "So, for starters. Which of you guys have girlfriends?" Alan Carr asked, looking at the boys. Liam and Zayn happily raised their hands. Louis raised his hand after them, trying to force a smile onto his lips. Harry glanced down before looking at the audience. He quickly scanned through to find the person he was looking for.


His eyes rested on the one. The one that stole away his lover. Eleanor. She gave an innocent smile and waved at him mockingly. Harry clenched his fists tightly, and bit his lower lip. He realized what he was doing and instantly stopped. "Oh, Harry! I thought you would have a girlfriend!" Alan said in a surprised tone. He shook his head, forcing a fake smile and laugh. "No no, I just... Its hard to explain!" Harry said, gesturing his hands. Alan mouthed an 'Oh' before moving on.


Then interview was soon over. The boys left the stage and went backstage again. When Louis and Harry walked into their shared dressing room, they didn't expect to find someone in there. Eleanor sat in Louis' chair. She grinned and walked up to Louis, softly pecking his lips. "Hey babe, that was an amazing interview! And Harry... you could of tried harder." Eleanor spat. Harry couldn't take it. He ran out the room in tears. He quickly ran to the boys bathroom and leaned over one of the sinks. Harry tried desperately to stop the tears that cascaded down his cheeks and into the sink below him. Eleanor and Harry really hated each other. She liked to tease him, and make him feel terrible. She liked to make him jealous by trying to act all sexy around Lou.


After around 10 minutes, Harry got the courage to go back to his dressing room. He really didn't want to go back. As he was walking back, he passed Eleanor and Danielle. He tried avoiding their gave by looking away. It made him feel uncomfortable. When he got to the dressing room, he closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Harry stormed through the door and went and sat on the couch. The loud bang of the door caused Louis to jump. Louis got out his chair and slowly walked over to Harry, who was sat crying on the couch. Louis carefully knelt by Harry, covering his mouth as he saw the state Harry was in.


"Harry, you know-" Louis got cut off by Harry. "LEAVE ME ALONE LOUIS!" Harry shouted, cuddling into the couch. "Harry, I'm really sorry. You know I love you and only you!" Louis whispered in Harry's ear, before getting up and walking back to his seat. Harry slowly rolled over and looked at Louis. His eyes were red and his cheeks were tear stained. Harry sniffled, causing Louis to glance quickly at him. "I love you Lou." "I love you too, Harry."

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