Open Your Eyes (Larry Fanfic)

One Direction have been a band for 3 years now. Fan's think they know everything about them, when they actually don't. Harry and Louis have been hiding their secret relationship for those 3 years now. They'd been through heartbreak, hard times and lots of fights. But because it was true love, they made it through. Some fan's had been suspecting things over the past few years. Louis even said it was bullshit. No, it wasn't. During one interview with Nick Grimshaw, Harry gives out a sign. A sign Larry is real.

"Open your eyes"


4. Management

One Direction were finally on their break. A well deserved break for a month. All they had was a month to spend with their families. Louis and Harry decided they would try spend as much time as possible with each, before going back on tour. Louis and Harry were cuddling in their shared flat. There was a sudden knock at the door. Harry groaned as Louis got up to answer the door. "Babe, I'm just answering the door!" Louis laughed. Harry did a pouty face at Louis. Louis answered the door. His bright smile soon faded as Eleanor stood in front of him. "Oh, hey..." Louis mumbled, looking away. "Bitch" Harry coughed. Louis tried to keep his giggle in. Eleanor scoffed and walked in. "Fuck off Harry!" Eleanor spat. Harry got up and went to his room, trying to hold back his tears.


Harry slammed the door as he walked into his bedroom. He flopped on the bed and started to cry. What had Harry ever done to her?! Harry heard Louis having a go at El. "Oh Lou, you love me really!" Eleanor laughed. "And as for Harry, you can get rid of him. You have me!" Harry couldn't take it any longer. He ran out his room and pushed Eleanor away from Louis. "GET AWAY FROM HIM YOU BITCH!" He shouted, tears streaming down his face. Louis stood there in utter shock, watching as his boyfriend defended him from Eleanor. "HE IS MINE!" Harry shouted. Eleanor was backed against the wall. She looked over at Louis pleadingly. Louis smiled and shook his head. Eleanor scoffed and walked out.


Louis looked at Harry, before running off into the kitchen. Harry sighed and ran after him. "Lou, I'm sorry!" Harry shouted at Louis. "I DON'T CARE HOW SORRY YOU ARE HARRY! I LOVE HER!!" Louis shouted. Harry stood there, his eyes widened at the words Louis just said. "So all this time..." Harry whispered, tilting his head to the side slightly. Louis put his hands over his mouth, realizing what he just said. "Harry... I never meant that!" Louis pleaded. "Forget it Louis. Its over." Harry said, walking out the door. Louis fell to his knees and cried on the cold hard ground.


The following day, Louis woke up without Harry next to him. He reached out into the empty space next to him. His eyes were still closed as his hand searched for Harry. Then he opened his eyes to find Harry wasn't there. And it was all his fault. Louis cheeks were tear stained and his eyes stung. He reached for his phone to check for any messages. There was a few. All from Harry.


Hazz: Lou, I'm sorry

Hazz: Just... I will always love you x

Hazz: I hope you're happy with El x :')

Hazz: Don't let me go....


Louis started to tear up as he read the texts. He decided to text him back straight away.

Lou: I'm sorry Hazz x I never meant it. I was angry. I could never ever EVER let you go. Love, Lou xx <3


Louis wiped away the stray tears that had left his eyes. A few moments later, his phone buzzed. He unlocked his phone. Harry had texted back. A weak smile appeared on his face.


Hazz: I want you back Louis. It was a stupid mistake, I understand. xx Love, Harry<3


Louis called Harry instead of texting him back.

Ring, ring, ring, ring, ring....

No answer. Soon after, he received another text.


Hazz: I cant Lou. I can't talk to you. I can't talk to anyone ever again. I've gone mute.

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