Open Your Eyes (Larry Fanfic)

One Direction have been a band for 3 years now. Fan's think they know everything about them, when they actually don't. Harry and Louis have been hiding their secret relationship for those 3 years now. They'd been through heartbreak, hard times and lots of fights. But because it was true love, they made it through. Some fan's had been suspecting things over the past few years. Louis even said it was bullshit. No, it wasn't. During one interview with Nick Grimshaw, Harry gives out a sign. A sign Larry is real.

"Open your eyes"


3. Concert Signs

The best part of being in a boy-band was the concerts. The boys loved the attention they got from the girls. Well, Zayn, Liam and Niall did. Louis and Harry enjoyed the company of each other. During the concerts it was getting harder and harder for Louis and Harry to ignore one another. But they had to do it. Tonight, Eleanor was attending their concert. This made Harry angry and upset, which meant he probably wouldn't perform as well as he usually does. The countdown begun. The noise was amazing, the Directioners counting down from ten. "10... 9... 8... 7...6... 5... 4... 3... 2... 1!" The noise level rose hugely as the boys ran onto stage.


The boys had enjoyed the concert so far. It was around half way through when the questions came on. "Can you do a human pyramid?" Liam read out the first questions. The stadium screamed as the boys started to take their places. Louis and Harry were on the bottom of the pyramid. So was one of the security guards. Harry decided to be a bit sneaky and grab Louis' pinky finger. Louis smiled and grabbed his back, slightly moving his hand towards Harry. Niall finally did his amazing high jump to get on top. "Way hey!" Zayn shouted. The girls cheered as the boys got back to more questions. "Is anyone special here today?" Harry read out. He realized what the tweet was about and frowned. Harry looked down to hide his frown. A girl in the front row noticed, and Harry saw her. 'You okay?' She mouthed. Harry just nodded and gave her the thumbs up and turned around. "Uh, yeah... There is..." Louis trailed off, glancing over at Harry.


His heart broke as he saw Harry was upset. Lou took a deep breath and spoke into his microphone. "My girlfriend is here!" He shouted, raising his free hand in the air. Only around a half of the stadium cheered. Liam, Zayn and Niall laughed quietly to themselves. Louis bit his lip and looked at Harry. The next question popped up, which Zayn read out. "Is it true Louis is planning to propose to Eleanor soon?!?!".  The whole stadium went quiet. Louis looked around frantically. "Uh... Maybe" He said, biting his lip. The stadium stayed quiet. It was an awkward silence. "Awkward..." Niall laughed. The girls then burst out in laughter. Harry looked at Louis disgusted. Hazz whispered something to Niall before running off-stage in tears. "Uh, Harry doesn't feel well, so he's gone backstage." Niall lied. Harry ran out the stadium and stopped. He looked back at the stadium and took a shaky breath.


Had Louis really just said that? Really? Harry's thoughts were jumbled. He couldn't think clearly. Harry took one last look at the stadium before he continued running. His head hurt, and so did his legs. Was it true? Was Louis being forced into marrying Eleanor? Was their true love over? He stopped running to catch his breath. Harry looked around. It was dark. Very dark. Harry walked slowly to the road. As he began to cross it, a car came speeding down the road. Luckily, Harry saw the car and was able to jump out the way. He fell back onto the cold pavement behind him. Harry pulled his knees up to his chest and cried. Had he really lost the one he loved and cared about the most?


The night grew cold, and Harry sat on a bench shivering. Harry heard footsteps running. Only a small figure could be made out. Harry shook his head and sighed. A small tear slid down his cheek as he replayed the scene in his head. "HARRY!" Someone called. Harry's head shot up and looked around. Was he dreaming? "HARRY! WHERE ARE YOU?!" It was Louis. Louis had come to look for him. Louis saw Harry and ran up to him. "Harry..." Louis panted, sitting down next to him. "Shouldn't you be with your future wife?" Harry spat coldly. He turned his head away from Louis. Lou sighed as he moved closer to Harry. "I can't help it. Management is forcing me too. I really don't want to. You know that!" Louis said, his voice breaking at the end.


"Its over, isn't it Louis? We can't do this anymore." Harry cried. Louis shook his head. "Never Harry. It never will be over. Do you know why? Because I'm not doing what management wants me to do. They can go cry about it in the corner if they have to. I love you and ONLY you Harry." Louis smiled, pecking Harry's lips softly. Harry smiled and hugged Louis closely. But Harry knew Louis wouldn't be strong enough to disobey management.

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