Open Your Eyes (Larry Fanfic)

One Direction have been a band for 3 years now. Fan's think they know everything about them, when they actually don't. Harry and Louis have been hiding their secret relationship for those 3 years now. They'd been through heartbreak, hard times and lots of fights. But because it was true love, they made it through. Some fan's had been suspecting things over the past few years. Louis even said it was bullshit. No, it wasn't. During one interview with Nick Grimshaw, Harry gives out a sign. A sign Larry is real.

"Open your eyes"


5. Can't Do It

He what?! He's gone mute?! Louis' eyes welled up at that text. Why?! WHY?! Louis got up and threw on a hoodie and some joggers before grabbing his keys and running out the door. He got in his car and drove to Niall's place, where Harry was staying. When he arrived, he didn't bother knocking. It was only Harry home as Niall had gone out with Liam and Zayn for the day. "HARRY!" Louis shouted, running upstairs. Louis ran into the bedroom, where Harry was sat on his laptop. "Harry!" Louis said, making Harry jump. "Speak to me Harry!" Louis demanded. Harry simply shook his head. "TALK!" Louis raised his voice, scaring Harry. Harry hid under the covers and shook his head.


Why was Harry acting like this? "Hazz..." Louis whispered, slowly pulling the covers back revealing Harry curled up slightly. Louis tucked a curl behind Harry's ear before leaning down and planting a soft kiss on his cheek. "Harry, what's wrong?" Louis whispered, gently stroking Harry's cold cheek. Harry simply shook his head and went to grab the cover, but Louis grabbed his wrist.  "Why..." Louis asked, his voice breaking at the end. Louis couldn't bear the thought of not hearing Harry's voice again. Harry sighed and pulled Louis close to him. He looked Lou straight into the eyes, before kissing him softly.


Louis pulled away from the kiss. "Harry, what about the concerts? You have to sing!" Louis said worriedly. Harry shook his head. Harry pulled his phone out and went into the note app. He simply typed in...

Its called Lip syncing...


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