Tommo Boy's Big Problem

When Louis Tomlinson's sister Lottie gets kidnapped, will he ever be able to forget it? All of those fun and happy memories they had together. When they got in trouble together. The sad day when he was on tour in Minnesota when he got the phone call. 10 months of sitting in his room, not eating, not sleeping. His parents not having any expression. Read "Tommo Boy's Big Problem" to find out what happens next...


3. Well...Things Ain't So Great

-A few days later-

Liam's POV:

Well, things aren't really so, um great right now...Louis quit the band. He is now in Doncaster in his room not doing anything right now except for crying. He used to be more funny and happy and...well the jokester of the group. And I feel his pain right now. Lottie was like a sister to me. Well...let's hope she gets found soon....

Louis' POV:

I'm just so sad right now. Lottie was like a best friend to me...and now she's gone. Even though the police are on a hunt to find her, they probably never will actually find her. I'm just gonna stay in my room until she gets found. 

Paul's POV:

Well, It's too bad Lottie got kidnapped, but REALLY!! he just HAD to quit the band. Management is yelling at me for not trying to keep him in the band...But it WASN'T MY FAULT!! He just said to me after I signed the release forms that he quit and then he just left. It took me awhile to realize what happened, so i didn't get to catch up with him. Soo yeah.



Sorry guys for the short chapter. I have to go eat dinner.'



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