Tommo Boy's Big Problem

When Louis Tomlinson's sister Lottie gets kidnapped, will he ever be able to forget it? All of those fun and happy memories they had together. When they got in trouble together. The sad day when he was on tour in Minnesota when he got the phone call. 10 months of sitting in his room, not eating, not sleeping. His parents not having any expression. Read "Tommo Boy's Big Problem" to find out what happens next...


7. Pregnancy...

5 Months Later:

Lottie's POV:

Pregnancy is the motherfucking devil. There is nothing else to tell about that shit. Haha...SO NOT FUNNY! Anyway, Louis gets beat everyday and it breaks my heart. He used to be so strong, but ever since I got kidnapped, he's acted like a whole different person. I miss the old Lou. My baby is due in about a month.


Niall's POV:

The band hasn't been the same since Louis got kidnapped. We all cry everyday. But the only thing that keeps us going is our band. All of our fans have been really supportive. Except the fact that we haven't made music in a while. The police are still searching for Louis and Lottie, but basically they gave up.


Louis' POV:

My life is shit. I get abused everyday. We dont get alot to eat either. Lottie looks so sad now. Her baby is due soon. I hope the police find us by then. 'CRASH' a loud sound came as a police squad (is that what u call them?)"PUT YOUR HANDS UP!" He yelled. The kidnapper was in there with us at the time. We all put our hands up. I pointed to the kidnapper and yelled "HE KIDNAPPED ME AND MY SISTER AND RAPED MY SISTER WITHOUT A FUCKING CONDOM AND NOW SHES PREGNANT!" One of the policemen went over and put the kidnapper's hands behind his back. "You are under arrest for kidnapping, rape, and abuse," he said. "I didn't do it," the kidnapper said weakly. "Yes you did," Lottie whispered. "We have two witnesses. Come with me," the policeman said while dragging him out the now busted door. The other policemen told us to come with them. We followed them somberly.

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