Tommo Boy's Big Problem

When Louis Tomlinson's sister Lottie gets kidnapped, will he ever be able to forget it? All of those fun and happy memories they had together. When they got in trouble together. The sad day when he was on tour in Minnesota when he got the phone call. 10 months of sitting in his room, not eating, not sleeping. His parents not having any expression. Read "Tommo Boy's Big Problem" to find out what happens next...


5. Lottie 1

Louis' POV: Oh my god it was Lottie!! I just wanted to run up and hug her, but he was holding me really hard on my broken rib and it hurt so bad!! Also my ankle was broken soo yeah...I couldnt run over there. Anyway... He dropped me from his arms strait onto the wood floor. "OWWW!!!!" I screamed so loud! When I wanna scream, i can s cream! Anyway... Lottie was there. And I was in pain. The guy just left me there on the ground and said "Im gonna leave ya here and dont try to escape cuz all the doors are locked." And with that he left. Lottie's POV: Omigod it was Louis!! Please tell me he could get me out of this hellhole!! My god they have raped me about 500 times since I got here. God knows how long I've been here. " LOUIS!!" I yelled, trying to run to him. Instead i fell off the couch. Oh yeah...they raped me last night. God it hurts. "OWWWW!!!" I screamed in pain. Louis' POV: What the hell could be wrong with Lottie? What did they do to her here? I ran over to her, ignoring the screaming pain coming from my ankle. I plopped down on the couch next to her. "Lottie? What do they do to you here?" I asked her. I was so scared for her. Lottie's POV: Oh god he wants to know what they did to me here. "Well..." I started. "They well..." I started crying then. "They rape me here almost every single motherfuckin night." I finished. Louis' POV: It broke my heart to hear her say that. She never swore before. She was jerking so violently while crying. So i calmed her down the way I calmed her down before she got kidnapped. "Shhh Lottie. I'll get us outta here. It will be alright. It will all work out in the end."
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