Tommo Boy's Big Problem

When Louis Tomlinson's sister Lottie gets kidnapped, will he ever be able to forget it? All of those fun and happy memories they had together. When they got in trouble together. The sad day when he was on tour in Minnesota when he got the phone call. 10 months of sitting in his room, not eating, not sleeping. His parents not having any expression. Read "Tommo Boy's Big Problem" to find out what happens next...


8. Back Home...Kinda

Zayn's POV:

LOUIS AND LOTTIE CAME HOME TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All of the boys are so excited!

Louis' POV:

Me and Lottie got home today. Damn. Um...Actually, we're both in the fucking hospital... Turns out I have 6 broken ribs, a broken ankle, both my arms are broken, and i have a mild concussion. Lottie on the other hand, um yeah about that...she got an ultrasound today, and well her baby will have 6 fingers on one hand, and 8 on the other hand. it will have 5 toes on one side, and 7 on the other. But otherwise the baby is healthy. The baby is gonna be born in a week or two, maybe three. I'm gonna be in the hospital for months after that, cuz my injuries are so bad...

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