Kidnapped By who?

Ever been Kidnapped by a murderer, well its not good read about Brittany who gets Kidnapped by a murderer does he kill her or grow feelings for her but does she fsll for him after he kidnapped her READ THIS


8. Two Months Later


Brittany's (P.O.V)

It has been two months since Charles proposed to me, I haven't been any happier. I have been wedding planning since that day and Charles got a job, he owns 2 shoe companies. Today I wake up and like always Charles is already gone out the house, I go take a shower than get dressed for my day out with the girls finding a bride and bridesmaid dresses. Once my friends get here we head to Starbucks than head to the dress store. We go look around and I see this lovely sea blue with a pitch of white in it brides dress. I fall in love with it quickly than while im trying it on my bridesmaids find these aqua blue dresses that match my dress, we quickly say these are the dresses we pay for them and head out for a girls day.


Charles (P.O.V)

I wake up early since I got a lot of work to do with planning the wedding and managing the shoe companies. I go take a quick shower do my hair and put on my new suit for work that Brittany got me , than I kisses her goodbye and head to work. Like every morning there wasn't as much traffic so I got to work quick, I said good morning to all the people I passed and went to work at my desk. Some minutes later my assistant comes in with my morning coffee and the newspaper that talked about me in a article. After that I got a call from Brittany I answered " Yes babe" " So I found a dress and the bridesmaids dresses today all you gotta do is get your guys suits together" she said "OK I am glad baby and I will love you" "Love you too have a great day Charlie" she said. Than I got back to work, 5 hours later I was heading home for the day to spend time with my fiance Brittany.

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