Kidnapped By who?

Ever been Kidnapped by a murderer, well its not good read about Brittany who gets Kidnapped by a murderer does he kill her or grow feelings for her but does she fsll for him after he kidnapped her READ THIS


2. My New Home



Brittany's (P.O.V)

The next day i woke up in the same room he locked me in i hate this so much, i keep wondering what he wants from me or what hes gonna do to me. Right when i was in my thoughts they were interrupted by the door opening " hey are you up" he said " um yea i am up you need something Charles" i said " no i just wanted to come and check on you that's all' he said  " wait um Charles can i ask you something" I said " yea sure anything" he said " well why me, why you take me you are a murderer why?" i asked " its none of your business to know, now take your butt to bed" he said " well Mr its the afternoon so i am not going to sleep" he just walked out and slammed the door. like what is his problem.


Charles (P.O.V)

She has the nerve to ask me that what is her problem but i had no right to yell at her i just keep messing it up with her it kills me so much to love someone that will never love you back. I walked outside to the garden that my ex made, Brittany reminds me of her so much i miss her so much.  I just laid in the flowers then i heard Brittany's voice behind me " Brittany what are you doing out your room" i asked her " i just wanted to tell you i am sorry for yelling at you it was wrong of me to do that" she said " here come sit next to me in the garden" it looked like she wanted to say no but she just sat next to me and laid on the grass and put my arm around her i think she likes me maybe i guess it will take some time.


Brittany's (P.O.V)

It has been two months in this place we moved to New York and got a better place no one still has not found me that a shame that no one cares that I am gone. I think I am starting to like Charles i don't think he likes me cause he talks about his ex a lot. I wonder what happened to her i don't wanna ask him cause i don't want another argument like we had two weeks ago. I am at the park drawing in my notebook looking at the kids play around i remember when i was a kid my parents would chase me around a lot, i loved it.


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