Kidnapped By who?

Ever been Kidnapped by a murderer, well its not good read about Brittany who gets Kidnapped by a murderer does he kill her or grow feelings for her but does she fsll for him after he kidnapped her READ THIS


11. Has Anyone Seen Charles?



Charles (P.O.V)

I woke up and Brittany was still sleeping, I got up and made me some breakfast. When I was done eating I took a shower and sat for a while. I thought about what I should do for a while so I got up and started packing very quietly so I wouldnt wake Brittany because she is very light sleeper, after I was done packing and brought all the bags downstairs I I made her some food before I put everything in my car to go. Soon everything was packed away in my car, I letf my house keys in the house and left the drivewat thinking "Im so sorry for this Brittany I truly love you and care for you, It's just some things I gotta do."


Brittany's (P.O.V)

I finally woke up and strethched but I didn't feel anybody next to me. Did he even come back last night? I thought. I got up out of bed, put a big shirt on and went downstairs. I saw there was food on the counter for me which makes me think Charles has been home. After I eat my food on the way up the steps I notice that his keys are on the counter which is very weird he always keeps them on him. I just brushed that off and carried on going up the steps. Once I came back to the room I felt like something was missing, I looked around in the closet and drawers and saw that all of Charles clothes were all gone. I hurry nad run to my phone and call him and I get sent to voicemail, so I call again and back to voicemail. Why isn't Charles answering my calls at all? I get up and get dress, grab my keys and Charles keys off the counter and go get in my car and obviously his car is gone too. I drive to the possible places I know he would be but he's not there to be found.


Charles (P.O.V)

I drove for a couple hours and finally made it to where I needed to go. I decided to go my parents old house that I own since they past away 3 years ago. I never told Brittany about this house or my parents that's the past I never bring up. So if she goes looking for me she wont be able to find me. I get out the car and get the key from under the turtle vase since my mom loved turtles. I started to carry my bags into the house it was very quiet but I'll get use to it. After I was done putting everything in I left back out to go grocery shopping at the closes store I remembered. After everything was done and settled into the house I took my shower, watched some tv and decided to end the end and went to be.


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