Kidnapped By who?

Ever been Kidnapped by a murderer, well its not good read about Brittany who gets Kidnapped by a murderer does he kill her or grow feelings for her but does she fsll for him after he kidnapped her READ THIS


9. Bad News



Brittany;s (P.O.V)

A couple weeks later while I was running errands for Charles, I stopped by Starbucks to get my usual drink in the afternoon. While I was in there I saw a familiar person and they noticed me looking at them, so they came over. The closer they got I finally picked out who it was....... it was my mom. " Brittany is that you darling you look so grown up, I haven't seen you in years?" she said  " Yeah its me mom and yes I know its been years since you seen me." She took a seat and we talked for a long time.


Charles (P.O.V)

I asked Brittany to run some errands for me since I was stuck at work in a very important meeting. I haven't gotten a call from her I guess she got it all under control than, soon the meeting ended. I went to my office and my change of clothes out of my suit was here on time, so I changed real quick and drove the gym to work out for a couple hours. While I was there I felt someone looking at me so I looked at the person and I recognized the person instantly. It was Brittany's dad Richard, he really doesn't like me since I was the one who kidnapped his daughter and kept her for months and months. To cause no trouble I kept working out and than left and headed home.


Brittany's (P.O.V)

After talking with my mom for a long time I invited her over for dinner tomorrow to meet Charles since she hasn't met him yet. After than I headed home to Charles. The next day we didn't have to work so finally me and Charles cuddled in bed goofing off. I got on top of Charles tickling him since he hates that, than he started tickling me too. " Charles stop it" I tried to get out through my laughs. Finally he stopped so I could tell him about tonight with my mom, " Charles I invited my mom over tonight to meet you" he was quiet for a little than he answered " Wow I finally get to meet your mom after years" he said in excitement.


Charles (P.O.V)

Brittany told me I am meeting her mom tonight at dinner, but I haven't told her that her dad was at my gym eyeing me. I just left it alone and spent time with Brittany. We played Dance Dance revolution and she beat me every time cause I had no idea what I was doing, washed clothes and cooked for tonight. I went upstairs took a shower and put on something nice for the dinner, I hope nothing goes wrong.


Brittany's (P.O.V)

I had fun with Charles today as soon as we were done making dinner for my mom coming over for dinner, I set the table with black plates, white napkins and I set out my new utinceles I got for Christmas from Charles. While I was doing that I heard Charles upstairs walking back and forther murmering. So I went upstairs to see what was wrong. He was walking back and forth in our room already dressed for dinner. "Charles baby is there something wrong?" He didnt hear me at first but than spoke, " Oh hey Britt Love yes im ok dont worry baby" He said. He came over to me kissed my cheek and headed downstairs while I followed.


Charles (P.O.V)

After I got dress I was so worried about this dinner with Brittany's parents. I should really tell Brittany what happend at the gym but im afraid it will ruin this dinner for her, so I rather not maybe he wont remember seeing me at all. To past some time I walked back and forth thnking the night through. While I was walking back and foth I heard foot steps but couldnt be sure so I kept walking. "Charles baby is there something wrong?" Brittany said to me when she came in, so it was her that I heard thats a relief. I didn't know what to say for a while but finally answered her, " Oh hey Britt Love yes im ok dont worry baby." That's all I could say to her at this moment, I wish I could tell her but shes been away from her parents for years I shouldnt ruin her night. So on my way out the door I kissed her cheek and walked out while she followed.

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