Living with Chase

Harley Greene has always quarreled with her brothers best friend, Chase Flynn. She could never imagine what it'd be like actually having to put up with him 24/7, unfortunately the fates are cruel and after their parents send them all to boarding school she discovers that she's living with Chase.

With him she now has the pleasure of dying everyday. Soon enough, she and him both are going to put what ever differences they have aside, as an enemy is rising up to take them both down, and with their new relationship...feelings grow.


1. Chapter 1

“Mum, I don’t see the point of us staying here,” I grunt, pulling my heavy suitcase through the door of room 314. “It’s not like we’re kids anymore, Asher and I are nearly eighteen. We can take care of ourselves.”

Mum sighs, closing the door behind us. “Harley, I’ve heard this speech a thousand times. Once more isn’t going to change anything.”

My jaw clenches at her inability to listen. Sure, I had given her this speech a thousand times, but I wasn’t going to give up. The handle to my suitcase falls from my hand as I look around this dorm room. It was nice, I guess. It was open planned, the living room to the right; a sofa, an arm chair, and a TV. The kitchen, after you go past the small wall that held the coat pegs, was to my right. That was alright too.

 “See,” mum’s always optimistic voice chirps up, “It isn’t that bad.”

Rolling my eyes at her attempt to make me feel better, I pick up the suitcase handle and choose my room. Next to the TV is a wall which then divides into two different sections, marking two bedrooms. There’s also a bedroom opposite, but I decide to pick the one closest to the TV.

“Ugh.” I say, immediately regretting my decision to pick this room. “Mum! Are the walls always going to be this green?”

Mum wanders in the room. She stops behind me, her hands resting on my shoulders. Her eyes are trail over the room, I can tell by the deep intake of air that she took in. If there was one thing mum hated was an ugly interior. “It’s not that bad. . .” but she didn’t even believe it. It was bad.

“Mum,” I begin, my voice that kind of mad-calm you get. “It looked like someone puked up on my walls.”

She pats me on the shoulder. “We can always paint it, Harley, or you can just switch rooms.”

“Oh hell no is that happening!” I mutter, swinging my suitcase up and onto the double bed. “This is the biggest room, mum. I’m not giving this up.”

Mum glares at my use of ‘hell no’ but doesn’t comment on it. Instead, she makes herself useful by beginning to unpack. “So,” I say, opening up the wardrobe and hanging up the few dresses I own. “When are Asher and Chase coming? And why hasn’t dad come back from the bakery yet?”

Shrugging, she unzips my suitcase and re-folds my t-shirts, before placing them in the drawers beside my bed. “I don’t know when those two are arriving,” she says her back still turned away from me. “And you know your father; he won’t be able to last five minutes with you and your begging.”

I smile at that. It was true; my dad couldn’t stand me when I begged him for something. He and I were close and I knew the right way to get to his heart, the right way to get what I wanted. That’s why he wasn’t here – he knew that I would probably be able to crack him.

Mum still hadn’t answered my question on when my twin brother, Asher, and his best friend Chase, were going to arrive. I wasn’t the only one that was getting shipped off to boarding school. It was my twin brother, Asher and his best friend as well. No, it wasn’t because we had all gotten drunk and committed some sort of crime (as if the drinking wasn’t part of breaking the law as well) but it was because of our parents jobs. They were all big business investors, as well as owning their own wealthy companies. We all tried to stay out of that as much as we could, wanting to lead our own life’s and careers.

But their jobs had somehow caught up with us. Some big investment was going down, one that required them to leave the country, and they couldn’t take us with them. Too much hassle in switching schools, was their excuse, they would be travelling too much this year to stay in just one place. They didn’t want to drag us along.

That was it, the next day our transcripts were made. We were packing, a few days later and here we were. We barely had time to say goodbye to the rest of our friends, I had barely any time to say goodbye to my own best friend, Nate. 

“Well,” zipping up my suitcase, I push it in to the wardrobe, clap my hands and then turn back to my mum. “Let’s just hope Asher doesn’t have to live with these horrible green walls in his bedroom. Talking about his room . . . what’s his dorm number?”

There is a nervous shift in the air. “I don’t know,” she shrugs, dusting her hands on her black work trousers. “But I’m sure we’ll find out soon.”

My eyes narrow towards her suspiciously. Mum never wiped her hands on her trousers, she hated to get her trousers (her work ones) dirty, she only did that when she was nervous or hiding something. “Right, I’m sure we will.”

Smiling slightly, she pushes a piece of imaginary hair out of her face, and steps out of the bedroom. Yup, she’s most definitely keeping something. Her bun couldn’t be any tighter; not one piece of hair could escape that grip.

I don’t comment on her strange behaviour though, I just leave her to it. If it was a secret that she was keeping from me, then I’d let her keep it. Wouldn’t want to ask her and then find out that this is a secret military school.

The thoughts I was having were unkind and bitter. I knew that mum probably wouldn’t have left us, and then dumped us, here if there was no need. I had to remember that she was doing what she thought was best for Asher and I, even if we didn’t approve.

And well, Chase was just  . . . Chase.

His family has always been close to mine, our parents working side by side now for seventeen years. So it was no surprise that he had come here with us, it was expected really.

Don’t get me wrong – I didn’t hate Chase. I just had a really, really, big disliking for him. He was always so annoying, being that gross teenage boy that he was; I never seemed to be free of his presence. We always bickered and argued over silly little things – like who got the remote – and one of us always ended up being put on ‘the naughty chair’ as Asher calls it.

My thoughts are broken by a loud voice announcing ‘honey I’m home!’ A grin crosses my face as I walk into the living area. My dad had managed to make it back from the bakery, and he did it with cake.

“You made it here alive then,” I tease, taking the cake out of my dad’s hands. He grins at me, pulling me into a hug.

“Of course I did,” he kisses the top of my head. “I didn’t want to miss saying goodbye now, did I?”

I laugh and nod my head in agreement. “No you couldn’t. Is that why you brought me cake? So it would soften the goodbye up?”

Dad winks. “You got it, kid.”

Half an hour later, they left. Dad hadn’t only brought me some chocolate cupcakes, but had added in some glazed donuts in the mix as well. I could tell that he didn’t want to leave me and I almost begged him not to. But I knew this was already hard enough for him, I didn’t want to add to that.

So I pushed him out of the door and waved them on their ‘merry’ way. Now, half an hour later, I sit on the couch, like the lazy person I am, eating away my sorrows with a chocolate cupcake. My nose crinkles up as I switch through the crappy day time TV, all there seemed to be on was those 16 and pregnant TV shows.

See, my parents should be proud of me. I’m not on one of those reality shows, I’m at home, behind my desk, creating fake Hogwarts acceptance letters for my brother and slipping them under his bedroom door. He loves it, until he’s realised what I’ve done. When he has realised, he takes to trashing my room and sending the Hogwarts notes to the kids on our street. Unfortunately for me, I suffer their wrath of the ‘fake Hogwarts letter’ and not Asher.

Looking down at my watch, I sigh. Asher had texted me twenty-five minutes ago, saying he was going to be here in ten. I knew my brother wasn’t very punctual, but this was kind of pushing it. So I pull my mobile phone from my pocket and text message my brother. Seconds later, a reply comes through.

I’m about to go into my dorm. I’ll message you when I’ve finished unpacking and then I will come looking for you.

Rolling my eyes at his text message, I decided that this daytime TV is enough for me. I pick up the remote and switch it off, just as the remote makes contact with the sofa, the door opens. My head whips round to see the intruder, but I can’t see their face.

All I can tell by the back is that they’re male. Now, I had taken sometime in reading the rules to this boarding school, and mixed gender dorms weren’t allowed.

“Um, excuse me,” I clear my throat. “I think you might have gotten the wrong . . .”my words trail of as the person in question turns around. It’s a very, very, familiar face. It’s almost as if I’m staring at the slightly more masculine version of myself.

“Asher!” I squeal, launching myself unsteadily over the couch. “Your text message said you were going to your dorm, and you would find me later!”

He laughs and pushes me away from him. I step back and give him space. “I didn’t lie about that, Harles,” he reaches out and ruffles my hair in a brotherly, teasing, manner. “This is my dorm and I was going to come and find you after.”

I laugh at him. “This isn’t your dorm, bro. It’s mine. This is room 314, right?”

Asher sucks in a deep breath. “It is.” He holds up something in his hand. It’s shiny, and some of its edges are pointy. Once my eyes settle properly on the object that was swaying slightly, I notice that it’s a key. It’s very similar to my own key – especially the number ‘314’ engraved on the front of it.

“I think,” he begins slowly, “That mum and dad might have set us up in a room together.”

“Your mum and dad might have what?” another voice interrupts our conversation. My hands immediately ball in to tiny fists, thinking about how much I really did dislike this guy. That said being continues to walk into the room, until he is stand next to Asher. It’s then, that his eyes settle on me. “What is she doing here?” his eyes narrow in distaste.

“That’s what we are about to find out,” Asher murmurs, holding his hand out for my phone.


“There’s got to be some mistake,” I protest to the office lady. “My brother”- I jerk my thumb back to him as I talk-“We can’t share a room together. Nor can I share a room with Chase Flynn.”

“I’m sorry miss,” the office lady, who looked like her hair had been permed and dyed, too many times, explains to me. “It was requested – and paid for – that you all share a room together.”

A hot, angry, breath flows from my nose. “Well. Isn’t it against school rules for ‘mix gendered room sharing’?”

She taps away at her keyboard. “It is, but the rules are bent for some  . . . ‘special cases’,” she chooses her words carefully, not sure how to explain that my parents paid the school off for this.

I roll my eyes. “You can just tell me my parents paid you off.”

The lady gasps at my upfront behaviour, but I don’t apologise to her, I continue to glare. A hand rests on my arm.

“Come on, Harles,” Asher coaxes me, his voice soft like if it was too loud he’d set off a bomb. “Let’s go. I texted mum and she said that we’re not switching rooms.”

“Oh hell-“

“She’s getting on the plane now, Harley, and they’re not going to listen to us, come on.” He tugs at my arm. “Let’s go home.”

“This isn’t over,” I hiss to the office lady. One way or another, I was going to get my way. There was no way I could live with Chase. With him, I would have the pleasure of dying every day.




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