Captain America's Sister

What happened if Steve had a little sister who was only 19 years old but, was nothing like him and all the boys fall for her and Tasha falls for somebody else?

This was my story off of Quteov hope you all like it!


20. Who do you love

Sammy's pov.....
I woke up to find myself snuggling into Tony's chest between the blue light and his smell I could tell it was him.
"Tony." I said
"Morning and thank you."
"Morning and welcome."
"Hey Tony?"
"Were you saying you loved me yesturday didn't you?"
"I love everything about you but, I.....I'm not sure yet last time I said I love you I got hurt badly."
"Yeah Tasha told me about Pepper and I'm sorry." I said with my head on his chest
"It's ok." said Tony kissing my head
We lyed there what it seemed like forever just looking at eachother with slight smiles.
"I wanna talk you out tonight."
"I have a charity ball."
"So you need me to be your date?"
"I don't need a date but, I want you as my date only you."
"Only me huh?"
Tony nodded
"Well I have to check my schdule mr.stark I mean I'm such a busy woman." I said with a smirk
Tony smirked and kissed my nose making my smile and laugh
"Your so cute."
"Your so handsome." I said said rubbing my nose with his
"Hey Sammy?"
"Can I ask you something?"
"Sure Tony?"
"Who do you love? I mean I know that other guys like you and you seem to like all of us but, who do you really love?"
I smirked grabbing his face and kissing him then, pulled away looking at him
"Does that answer your question?"
"I think so." said Tony with a smile
I smiled back and put my head back down on his chest as he held me close.

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