Captain America's Sister

What happened if Steve had a little sister who was only 19 years old but, was nothing like him and all the boys fall for her and Tasha falls for somebody else?

This was my story off of Quteov hope you all like it!


7. Part of the team?

"Guys and Ms.Romanov?"
"Yes?" said Bruce
"Sammy wants to be part of the team." said Steve
"No powers or training can't be in the team." said Tasha
I slipped off my jacket and my wings came out shocking the whole team
"Yeah Tony?"
"Do you have american flag ones?"
"Very funny and no I don't.'
"What else can you do?"
"Share my memories when I touch someone skin that's all I know."
"Let's bring her into the room and she."
I should in the training room and nodded to Tony who hit a button and acitvated a robots. I did good until I got to level 7 only to be surprised by a invisiblity one. My eyes turned priecing blue and I fired a ball ball out of my hand freezen the robot in it's place.
"What was that?"
"I have no idea."
"Lets get a body and brain scan as well as a blood sample."
"NO NEEDLES!" I screamed running out the door fast my brother and Thor ran after me picking me up kicking a screaming
"Sammy it's for your own good." said Steve
As soon as I saw the needle I had a flash back and I couldn't control myself anymore. By the time Steve tackled me to the ground with Thor's help half the team was frozen. I screamed and yelled as Bruce out the blood out of me. Wheb Bruce finished Steve held me close
"Sammy your fine your here with me not with Hydra." said Steve stroking my head as I cried my wings were down
"She had tiggers." said Tony
Steve nodded still holding me as I shook from shock
"Is she gonna be ok?"
"She'll be fine."
"Umm guys?"
"Sammy's blood is frozen."
"Look." said Bruce showing the vile
"Oh my god." said Steve looking down at me as I shook I looked up into his eyes still with tears falling down my face
"She's literally a human form ice popsicle." said Tony
"Yeah that's a good way to put it."
"Sammy can I get a body and brain scan?"
I nodded taking Bruce's hand but, still hanging onto my brother's hand.
"I'm coming Sammy don't worry." said Steve
I lied down on the machine and Bruce did the test. Soon we were looking at scans of me all of us in shock from how the inside of my body looked.
"You are literally a human popsicle." said Tony looking at the scan just as shock as Steve was
"Good news is you won't melt in the heat and you can dye from it." said Bruce looking at the test result
Steve kissed my head still holding me close something told me I would be sleeping in his room tonight after my flash back.
"Welcome to the team." said Tony
"Thank you." I said smiling through the tears still running down my face
"You are like my brother!" boomed Thor
"Expect she hasn't killed 80 something people." said Steve
"No but, have tempted to kill you 80 something times." I mumbled making Steve glare at me and the avengers laugh

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