Captain America's Sister

What happened if Steve had a little sister who was only 19 years old but, was nothing like him and all the boys fall for her and Tasha falls for somebody else?

This was my story off of Quteov hope you all like it!


8. Overboard

It was early in the morning we were all still in our pajamas or as Steve calls them night clothes well myself was just wearing a bathrobe with panties and with a shirt. Of couarse when we all start to eat Thor comes running into the room naked making Steve shield my eyes and shut his .
"Thor ladies in the room." said Tony who was even looking away
"My friends where are the pop of tarts!" yelled Thor
"Clothes!" yelled everybody
I moved my hand across the couch and found a towel I used for my wet hair and tossed it to him. Thor caught it and wrapped it around his waist.
"You may look." said Thor
Steve uncovered my eyes
"Now what did you say?" I asked
"Pop of tarts?"
"Over there." I said with a smile
Tony of couarse decided to be an idiot he probably knew what I was wearing under the robe. Either he could see it and my brother would kill him or he could just think about it but, nope he decided to go with the one that would kill him. Tony runs over and undoes the tie making my robe fall open. I smiled and didn't retye it I mean so what if I'm in my undies
"Wow Steve your sis is hot." said Tony
Steve jumped right over the counter and tackled him to the ground.
"Sammy help!" yelled Tony
"Steve get off of him!"
"But he-"
"NOW!" I screamed
"Fine." groaned Steve
"I don't mind if he looks it's not like any of my areas are showing."
"Yes big brother of mine?" I said in a mocking voice
"Go get dressed."
"Excuse me?" asked Steve looking at me
"You deaf I said no n o spelles no and that's what I said."
"What is wrong with you!" said Steve
"Nothing what about you...oh wait I know your bi polar."
"Wait...Cap what is she talking about?" asked Tony
"They don't know you have to talk pills or you'll go Captain insaneo." I laughed
"Samatha."growled Steve
"Wow....oh much for trust and see this bump on my head?"
"You remember the first day we moved in here?"
"You remember when we got into a fight?"
"SAMATHA SHUT THE F***K UP!" yelled Steve breaking a metal spoon in half
"Did he just...."
"I'm guessing you didn't take you pill again." I peeped out
"Oh no I did but, it takes 30 minutes to fully kick in." said Steve looked pissed off
"Time for me to...RUN!" I screamed running away with Steve chasing after me
"Oh god help please!" I sheerched still running away from my brother not having much luck thank to the serum he has
Thor tackled Steve to the ground when Tasha and Tony hide me down in the lab and Bruce looked at the bump.
"What happened again?"
"Steve...hit me." I said
All of them froze never imagining Steve doing that but, I can when his medicine is slowly working in his system things happen....mostly to me because I push him over board.

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