Captain America's Sister

What happened if Steve had a little sister who was only 19 years old but, was nothing like him and all the boys fall for her and Tasha falls for somebody else?

This was my story off of Quteov hope you all like it!


2. Moving into A-tower

"Stevie do I have to!" I groaned
"Yes and don't call me Stevie."
"Fine Steven Grant Rogers do I have to."
"Yes and don't call me that you sound like mama."
"I DO NOT!" screamed
"Yes you do." he laughed
"I'm nothing like her." I hissed
"No but, you could be a little more-"
"Don't you say it."
"Lady like."
"Now you sound like mama."
"You know that's all she wanted right?"
"I know but, I more of a tom boy and you know that."
"I know from what mama told me you were suppose to be a boy."
"Yes about 8 months she was pregnant with you. You were a boy and when she gave birth to you,well let's just say dad was shocked and mama was happy."
"What about you big brother?"
"Well I was only 4 when you were born so of couarse I didn't want any siblings." chuckled Steve
I hit him on the head making both of us chuckle.
"Were here." said Steve parking the motorcycle in the parking lot and helping me off
We both walked up to to tower with Steve carrying 3 suits cases when I carried his army sack filled with his art stuff sense it was light. We walked in there and were meet by a hot guys holding a glass cup with whiskey in it
"Hey Cap! You must be Samatha Khristain."
"Yes but, you can call me Sammy."
"Follow me up to the party and put that stuff right there with the others."
I put the bag and Steve put our suitcases down we walked up to find the room full of people I'm guessing the avengers.
"Guys Cap is here."
I walked over to Tony who was at the bar
"Want something to drink?"
"Yeah can I have-"
"No Tony she's to young."
"But, Steve I-"
"No Sammy."
"Your just like dad."
"You don't even remember what dad's like."
"No but, mama told me what he's like. She said you both were bast-"
"Don't you dare finish that word." said Steve getting angrey
"Bastard." I said with a smirk
"Did she just say?"
"Yes I'm a 1940's girl who swears like a sailor get over it." I said walking away picking up my suitcases and walking up to our floor
I put down my suit casese then, I heard Steve come up the stairs.
"Here we go." I sighed
I turned over to be hit across the face so, hard I fell to the floor. I just lyed there in shock Steve wouldn't hit me....would he?

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