Captain America's Sister

What happened if Steve had a little sister who was only 19 years old but, was nothing like him and all the boys fall for her and Tasha falls for somebody else?

This was my story off of Quteov hope you all like it!


10. Loki

"May I help?" I asked
"Do you have powers?" asked Fury
"Have you been trained."
"I knew how to fire a gun since age of 13 does that count?"
"Anything else you can shoot?"
"Anything with an arrow."
"Good at anything?"
"Speak any languages?"
"If you have a costume and a name you may help." said fury
"I do." I said
"All of you suite up."
I ran to my room and changed and took out my wings I looked in the mirror shocked I looked nothing like myself. I put on a mask jus to be on the safe side I saw the avengers take off I followed in suite flying along the side of Thor and Tony.
"Thoses are some wings."
I giggled at Tony's comment
"Indeed they look like icicles." said Thor
"You boys are silly."
"Yeah they're gonna be knocked silly if you keep flirting with my baby sister!" yelled Steve into our ear pieces
"OUCH!" Tony and I yelled
Thor didn't even notice he was to bush looking out for Loki. Thor saw something,froze and zoomed down knocking down a few aliens . Tony and I followed down after him as the other followed in the jet. I knocked down a man in green I guessed he was Loki.
"Puny mortal!" yelled Loki knocking me down
I fly up and shot at him with a ice ball only for him to throw it back at me. I dorgged it and fly down sinking my nail weapons into him making him pull away bleeding.
"You are dead mewling quim dead!" yelled Loki who then, disappeared
I looked around and saw where the aliens were coming from.
"I'm gonna shut it down!" I said in my earpiece
"Be careful!" said all the boys
"She'll be fine won't you!" said Tasha into the earpiece
"Yeah!" I said flying up
I saw the machine and started to work on it doing good until. I saw a shawdow but I turned to late and Loki stabbed me in my wings right on the bone breaking it and making me bleed. I screamed in pain running to the other side of the machine and hitting the button to shut it down. Loki got my other wing in the process the same way then, chased me to the side. I was on the edge and looked at him with my big blue eyes hoping and praying I wouldn't fall to my death. Loki shot me in the chest with his staff making me fall of the tower screaming as I went down.
"SAMMY!" yelled Steve running
The others flew and run but, I knew they wouldn't make it in time. I was right I fell hitting the ground with a hard thud and my world went black.

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