Captain America's Sister

What happened if Steve had a little sister who was only 19 years old but, was nothing like him and all the boys fall for her and Tasha falls for somebody else?

This was my story off of Quteov hope you all like it!


13. In the middle

When Steve took Tasha out on their first date I was stuck at home with the boys and well I was in the middle of a huge fight between all the boys. In others words I was the cause of the fight I guess all the boys really like me even Thor.
"HEY!" I yelled
The boys stopped wrestling and looked at me,I was tapping my left foot with my arms crossed and eyes glaring.
"Tasha and Steve just left there going to see a movie which is 3 hours longs then, going to get something to eat."
"Yeah so?"
"You each get an hour with me." I said with a smirk
All of them yelled me first expect Bruce who was just standing off to the side being his cute shy self. I walked past all the boys to Bruce and took his hand leaving the room all the other boys looked mad and Bruce was blushing deeply.
"Ok Dr. what we gonna do?"
"I-I heard you like science so I was thinking we could go to the lab and-"
"LETS GO!" I yelled running down the hall towards the lab and Bruce ran after me
"Yeah your Steve's sister." he said when he got to the lab out of breath
"What do you mean?"
"Your just always happy."
"Yeah from what you see." I giggled make Bruce smile and blush
"So, I was working on an expirment and I was wondering if you want to help me?"
"Love to lead me to the expirment."
Soon Bruce and me were working on the expirment I was wearing goggles and a lab coat as I work. Bruce looked up laughing at me I looked up confused.
"What's so funny?"
"You make funny faces when you do science."
"I can't help it." I said blushing
"So tell me about yourself." said Bruce
"Well I'm 19, I was frozen about a good 70 years ago."
"I meant what you like." said Bruce with a chuckle
"Oh well I like music and the arts but, I don't like to sing in front of people."
"Favorite muscian?"
"I really like the band Parachute."
"Favorite song?"
"Kiss me slowly by Parachute."
Bruce hummed a few bars and I knew the tune.
"You know Kiss me slowly by Parachute?"
"Yes it's a good band but, I can only listen to a few of there songs thanks to the loud music in the others."
"Yeah him."
"He doesn't seem like a bad guy."
"No he's not but, he's hard to control only your brother so far seems to get along with him."
"Oh and can he hear me?"
"Of couarse."
"HI HULK!" I yelled making Bruce wince
"Shhh...please don't be so loud."
"Sorry." I said blushing
"And hulk says hi." said Bruce
"Ok what else do you want to know about me?"
"I really would like to know about the engagment ring."
"Oh yeah that." I said looking down at the ring Bucky gave me I could feel tears in my eyes
"I'm sorry I didn't mean to-"
"It's ok I just miss him."
"You know Steve's friend Bucky?"
"I was engaged to him."
"Really wow and Steve didn't kill him?"
"He never knew to busy with the Captain America thing." I said with a chuckle
"Well he was a lucky guy."
"What?" I said looking up in shock
"Did you just said Bucky was a lucky guy."
"No I didn't."
"Yes you did!"
"No." said Bruce turning red by the minute
"You like me." I said smiling feelings as my heart had wings
"Well I....I mean I.....maybe." said a very now red Bruce Banner
Before I could answer the boys came in running towards me
"Me next!" yelled Clint like a little kid
"Ok has it really been an hour already?"
"Yup." said Clint running out of the room dragging me
"Bye Bruce!" I yelled back
"Bye." said Bruce still blushing

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