Captain America's Sister

What happened if Steve had a little sister who was only 19 years old but, was nothing like him and all the boys fall for her and Tasha falls for somebody else?

This was my story off of Quteov hope you all like it!


11. I'm I alive

I felt burning in my lungs I woke up and screamed and looked around to see a cold room looked almost like room.....I climbed out of the bed and walked out the room to see the avengers sitting there everybody looked sad and why was my brother crying?
"Who died?" I asked standing right in front of them
They didn't notice me they all were either frozen,crying, or trying to comfort Steve. I walked over to my brother who was being held by Tasha as he cried. Tasha had a few tears rolling down her face.

"Why?" asked Clint
"What?" asked Tony with his voice cracking
"Why did she have to die she was the youngest out of us?"
"I wish it was me." said Tony
"I think we all think that."
"I said she would be fine and and she wasn't." said Tasha with tears now rolling down her face
"I let our mom down I promised I would protect her and I put her in a dangerous place now she's she's...." Steve started to cry
"I'M RIGHT HERE!" I scearmed but they didn't answer me
I saw a nurse come out wheeling a table with a sheet on someone their arm fell out....I froze when I saw the hand was pale white and had blood on it but, that ring it looked like the one Bucky gave me. I looked a little closer and gasp it was....wait I'm I really dead and that means I'm a ghost.....I screamed again praying it was a nightmare.

"You can see me!" I yelled looking around to find Phil Coulson I froze in shock
"What do I have something on my face?" asked Phil wiping his mouth
"You've been dead for 5 months now." I said
"I know, that's how I can see you I mean dead can see the dead and the living only the living."
"I want to be alive my brother needs me."
"I know he does that's why were gonna get you back in your body." said Phil nodding towards it
"Let's go before we lose it!" I yelled running
"Umm Ms. Rogers?"
"Yes?" I asked
"We can just go through the walls to catch up with it." said Phil
"Right." I said dragging out the word
I followed Phil through the wall and saw the morgue and a few other bodies. I looked at him and he shurgged at my grossed out face.
"Do you want to be alive again or not?"
"Why can't you be?"
"I couldn't find my body in time. You've been dead for about 6 minutes."
"How long can you be dead for?"
"A good 24 hours give or take a few hours." said Phil
I saw the nurse wheel in my body I smiled and ran towards it turning back around to run back towards Phil.
"Yes?" asked Phil
"Thank you." I said kissing him deeply then, running towards my body
Before I jumped in I looked back at Phil and smiled
"Make sure I can see you after I'm alive got it!" I said
"Yes ma'am." said Phil with a smirk and a nod
The nurse pulled off the shut revealing my pale cold body with my wide pale eyes, my broken wings most of my body was covered in a brown colored even in my mouth I had some on my teeth. I shut my eyes and jumped back in my body I sat up coughing and gasping for air I looked over at the nurse and waved. She was frozen then, she screamed running out of the room. I shurg and looked back were Phil was and smiled when I saw him
"I'm alive right?"
"What do you think? The nurse running out of the room screaming wasn't enough?" said Phil
"Tony right you are a wise crackr." I said with a nod walking out the room and down the hall
I stopped and looked in the mirror and I looked horriable my hair looked like the bride of frankenstien,I smiled and my teeth were covered in blood as well as my wings were broken and were just hanging there. I looked like a zombiefied angels. I turned away and walked to were I saw the avengers.
"S-Steve." I choked out coughing up a little blood I spit it out
"S-Sammy.....I'm sis you look....bad." said Steve
"You aren't happy to see me?"
"I am but, let's get you fixed up." said Steve
"Ok." I said leaning on Steve and Bruce as they carried to me to Tasha's room
"Tasha you ok with me using your bath looking like this?"
"Trust me I've had worse."
"Ok." I said sitting on the floor of the bathroom
"You boys leave and get Maria to help me." said Tasha
"2 girls to help fix me up?"
"Well I can only do some much."
Soon I was in the bubble bath and Tasha also Maria were helping get the blood out of my hair.
"You poor dear." said Maria
"I discovered another one of my powers." I said with a smile
"Super fast healing."
"What do you mean?"
I leaned forward showing them my now fix and clean wings.
"Not as quick at Steve's but, not as slow as a human."
"Your a human." said Maria
"No I'm a muntant."
"Oh ok."
"There bloods finally out."
There was a knock on the bathroom door
"Who is it!" yelled Tasha
"It's me and I brought my sis a change of clothes."
"Ok and she's got healing powers just slower than yours." said Maria
"Good to know." said Steve
"Stop yelling through the door!" I scream
"Love you!" said Steve
"LOVE YOU TOO!" said all of us
"What?" said Steve
"LEAVE!" yelled all of us again
"Ok, I get it." said Steve leaving the room
Tasha and maria left the room for me to changed into what Steve gave me.                          "My brother has such old fashion taste." I said stepping out of the bathroom
Both of them giggled with laughter at my outfit; I couldn't help but laugh as well. The girls and I walked out to see the boys waiting there. All of there mouths dropped open when they saw me expect for my brother who just smirked.
"What? Do I still have blood on me?"
"No you looks beautiful." said Bruce
"Wonderful." said Thor
"Hot."said Clint
"Smoking." said Tony
"Thank you." I same with a smile and a nod
I looked over at my brother who smirked and winked at me I smiled and winked back. I walked down the stairs into the teleporters with my brother. I noticed Phil out of the corner of my eyes he waved at me and I winked at him making him blush.
"You looked pretty good for someone who just came back from the dead." said Phil
I nodded giggling my brother looked at me like a I was silly looking up at the ceiling his head. I giggled again earning a laugh from Phil I waved back and me and Steve went down to our floor at avengers tower.

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