Captain America's Sister

What happened if Steve had a little sister who was only 19 years old but, was nothing like him and all the boys fall for her and Tasha falls for somebody else?

This was my story off of Quteov hope you all like it!


5. Girls time

Tasha and I walked though the streets of brookelynn as I told her stories of when me and Steve were kids.

"No way Steve stucked his thumb until he was 19." she giggled
"Yup and wet the bed until he was 8."
"Wow." she giggled
"Yeah my big brother is like my little brother until the serum." I said getting quieter at the serum part
"You didn't want him to have the serum did you?"
"May I ask why?" asked Tasha as she sat down in her sit at the cafe
I sat as well and we ordered our food and drinks, I sighed and looked at her.
"I already had Bucky in the war I didn't need my big bro in the war to."
"You knew Bucky."
"Knew him? He was my boyfriend until he died."
"Really did Steve-"
"No idea he asked me to be his dame the day we all left the orphanage." I said
"Of couarse you said yes."
"Yes I loved him and he loved me he was my first kiss,my first boyfriends my first...." I faded off blushing
"So your not innocent unlike your brother."
I nodded bitting my lip and blushing
"Did you two get married?"
"No he asked me to marry him the day he left for the war and I said yes. We planned our wedding,our honeymoon,our kids names,everything....he was my everything and now he's gone." I said finally letting the tears fall
I felt arms wrap around me and I felt someone saying shhh
"Tasha I miss him so much." I said drying my tears
"Your not the only one missing someone."
"Your brother he lost his love to."
"Peggy Carter I know."I said
"I think you to need silbing time and you need to tell Steve about Bucky."
"You think?"
"Yes I think you and him need to have a sibling confession, that's what Clint and I did."
"You and Clint are brother and sister."
"No partners but, almost like brother and sister."
"You really think it would help?"
"Yes I do it helped Clint and I why do you think were that close."
"Alright I'll do it."
"Perfect timing to end this converstation." said Tasha nodding to our teas and salads
When Tasha and I were eating I decided to tell Steve everything which included Bucky, Hydra and of couarse my biggest secret my powers.
"Ready to go?" asked Tasha after we payed
"Yeah you?"
We walked home and I told Tasha more Steve stories making her laugh

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