Captain America's Sister

What happened if Steve had a little sister who was only 19 years old but, was nothing like him and all the boys fall for her and Tasha falls for somebody else?

This was my story off of Quteov hope you all like it!


6. Confession

"Hey were's Steve?"
"Floor." said Tony

I nodded a thanks and walked up there only to find him lying on the couch sleeping
"Hey Big brother."
He woke up and looked at me
"Well first did you take your meds?"
"Ok good and ummm can we have a confession time."
"Tasha told you about that huh?"
"Yeah she did do you think it's a good idea?"
"Yes I mean we haven't really talk one to one sense before the war." said Steve from lying on the couch
"Ok." I said lying down on the couch opposite from him.
"So which one is starting first?"
"I will."
"Ok." said Steve looking at me and I looked at him
I took a deep breath and let out a sigh then, took the necklace off with my engagement ring on it and I held it for him to see
"Who's the lucky guy?" asked Steve looking at the ring
"I-It was Bucky." I said my voice cracking a little
"What?" asked Steve who was now wide awake
"Yes he proposed to me the day before he left for the war."
"Alright how long were you two-"
"The day we left the orapanage."
"Wow...and I never knew or noticed."
I shooked my head looking at my feet
"Anything else I should know about Bucky?"
"First kiss, boyfriend, and..." I faded off turning bright red
"HE TOOK YOUR INNOCENT!" Yelled Steve who was off the couch
I nodded Blushing even more at the memory
"If he's alive I'm kicking his ass and if he's not then when I get to heaven I am." said Steve
I giggled at the picture then, decided to tell Steve about Hydra and save my powers for last
"Can I tell you what happened at Hydra?"
Steve nodded taking a breath and sitting down back on the couch. I told him and he froze at the thought of them hurting me I could see the tears in his eyes.
"It's not your fault Steve."
"Yes it is I promised mama that I would protect you and I didn't."
I decided to change the subject and show Steve my powers
"You remember how they injected me with liqiud."
"Yes why?"
"It gave me powers."
"What kind?" asked my brother wiping his eyes
I sighed and touch his face showing him when Bucky propsed to me,kissed me,ask me to be his,how that one night up on the roof we planned out furture but, of couarse I pulled away before he could see my first time.
"That's some power."
"It's not the only one."
"What else."
"I have wings."
"I don't see them."
I sighed and stood up sliding off my sweater so I was wearing a tank top.
"Hang on."
I out a deep breath and sighed after my wings came out of my skin
"They look like frozen angel wings." said Steve
"That's what I think of them as well." I said looking at my wings
"Your eyes,hair, and skin gets pale when those are out." said Steve
"I know it's almost like an ice fairy."
"More like an Angel of winter."
"Do you think I can be on the avengers?"
"Sammy I-"
"Steve you know I'm smart and I will be safe I mean Hydra had a hard time keeping locked up you know that."
"Let's talk to the others and see what they think."
"Fair enough." I said putting my wings away and slipping on my jacket





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