Captain America's Sister

What happened if Steve had a little sister who was only 19 years old but, was nothing like him and all the boys fall for her and Tasha falls for somebody else?

This was my story off of Quteov hope you all like it!


17. Caught

I woke up from a light in my eyes it was either the sun but....the suns not blue.....I woke up to find a sleeping Tony Stark with his heart shinning through his shirt which woke me up. I put my hand on Tony's heart finding it surprising how warm it was.
"Something I can help you with?" said Tony
I looked up only for us to meet nose to nose, I looked into his chocolate eyes and I'm sure he was looking into my ocean eyes. We got closer and closer then, our lips met....I felt fireworks not even something I felt with Bucky........soon our passionate kiss turned into a full make out I was sitting on Tony's lap only for our make out session to be stopped when I was pushed back and Tony was picked up by my now angery older brother.
"Tony...." growled Steve
"Hi Cap." said Tony gulping
"Steve put him down!" I yelled
Steve dropped him and picked me up throwing me over his back like a flour sack.
"You stay away for my baby sister...." growled Steve before slamming the door shut and walking up to our floor
I was put down on the couch and Steve started to pace back and forth
"What were you thinking!"
"I was thinking I should move on from Bucky like you moved on from Peggy." I said
"With a Stark of all men!" yelled Steve
"You are in love with an assassian!" I yelled back
"Still Stark gonna break your heart by cheating on you!"
"Tasha gonna break your to by putting a knife in it!" I yelled
"She wouldn't do such a thing!"
"How do you know! You only gone on one date with her Steve! ONE!"
"Go to your room.Now."
"Your not mom nor dad."
"But, I'm your guardian."
"I'm 19! I'm not a baby any more I can take care of myself!"
"Doesn't seem like it!"
"Grrrrr....How would you know!"
"Cuz I'm your big brother and I-"
"You know everything your just a fucking smart ass right! Well if you were so smart you would of saved Bucky!" I screamed tears now rolling down my face
"Sammy I-"
"Don't touch watch him fall."
"I tryed to save him but-"
"You didn't do a good job or he would be here!"
"I don't want to here it!" I screamed
"Samatha I-"
"You don't deserve to be a super hero! First Dad....then, mom....Bucky what's next you gonna leave me to cuz if you do want don't you just do it right now!" I screamed pushing him
"Samatha!" yelled Steve getting mad
"Go on! Come on! What is the great Captian America afarid to defend himself!" I screamed back
"Samatha! You are not aloud to see Stark."
"Grrrrr...Sometimes you make me so, mad I wish you were found dead in the ice and that's the truth!" I screamed
Steve froze and looked at me in shock with tears forming in his eyes, I just stood there tears still rolling down my face. Steve walked past me to his room slamming the door shut.
"What did I just do?" I thought
I ran to my brothers room only to find it locked I banged on the door yelling his name but got no answer.
"Gotta get help." I thought
I ran down the stairs to find the avengers standing Tony's landing looking up at me. My make up was running down my face I could feel it.
"S-Steve locked himself in his bedroom....I said something I didn't m-mean it I'm please."
The avengers ran up the stairs when Tony helped me up there, I found Tasha picking the lock once she finished we found the door stuck.
"What the hell does he have in front of here!" yelled Tasha
Thor picked Tasha up and moved her out of the way then, pushed the door open sending his bed hitting the wall.
"Wow." said Tony
Tasha ran in running around the room to find no Steve, Clint picked the lock to the bathroom after knocking and not getting and answer. Clint pushed the door open and found nobody he ran over to the bathtub and pulled Steve's head up from under the water.
"What are you doing!"yelled Clint holding Steve's head
"Trying to dye!" said Steve pushing Clint away and sticking his head under the water
I ran over and drained the tub and probably looked like a mess from me being worried about my brother.                                                                                                                                   "I thought you wanted me dead!" yelled Steve
"I'm sorry I-I didn't mean it I was mad...I love you I don't know what I would do with o-out you." I cried
Steve just sat in the tub pouted in his wet clothes, I attacked him with a hug at I cried my eyes out. He still didn't move from the way he was sitting.
"Please forgive me?" I said through my tears
Steve still didn't move, I looked up into his eyes with my tears rolling down my face. Steve face soften and sighed then, wrapped his arms around me as he wipped my tears.
"I forgive you." said Steve kissing my forehead
Then, pulled away making a face
"You need a bath."
"You need to dry off." I said
We both laughed only to be interuppted by the avengers, Tasha threw her arms around Steve neck kissing his face all over making his face turning bright red.
"Golly." said Steve who had a huge blush on his face
Everybody laughed,Steve climbed out of the bed and helped me.
"You take a shower and I gotta get out of these clothes." said Steve
The avengers left our floor, I came out of my room and Steve was in his bed already.
"Big brother." I said sounding like I did when I was young
"Can I sleep here with you please?"
"Sure and are those my sweats?"
Steve chuckled as I climbed into his bed, I noticed Steve's ring
"You still wear your ring from church back in the 1940s?"
"Yeah you?"
"Of couarse why wouldn't I." I said holding up my hand for Steve to see my ring
"Come here." said Steve holding open his arms
I snuggled into his arms as he wrapped them around me
"Tell me a story."
"Which one?"
"My favorite."
"Hmmm let's see Once upon a time there was an irish prince named Joseph Rogers and he madly fell in love with a princess that was 100% irish they got married and become king and queen they had everything they could every want but, something was missing. They had a little boy who was a prince his name was Steve he was brave but, lonley so, they decided to have another kid. The Queen of Ireland planted a garden of all beautiful flowers and-"
"I know how babies are made I'm not four anymore."
"Awe but, I don't wanna change the story it just reminds me my baby sis is getting older and growing up on me." said Steve his eyes getting misty
"Fine go a head tell me your way." I said with a giggle
"So the Queen of Ireland planted a garden of all beautiful flowers but, one stuck out to her it was a little flower in between all the big flowers. So, she picked that flower and took it home and what did they name her?"
"Princess Samatha Khristian Maddilynn Rogers but, you can call me Sammy."I said
"And they said can we call you Samatha Khristian ."
"No call me Samatha Khristian and I'll sock you one." I said with a giggle making my brother smile
"That's right and they lived happily every after thee end."
"I miss them." I said with tears in my eyes
"Me too." said my brother his voice cracking
"Goodnight Steve." I said with a yawn
"Night Sammy." said Steve kissing my forehead still holding me close in his embrace

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