Captain America's Sister

What happened if Steve had a little sister who was only 19 years old but, was nothing like him and all the boys fall for her and Tasha falls for somebody else?

This was my story off of Quteov hope you all like it!


18. Birthday

"SAMMY WAKE UP!" yelled my brother
I groaned he was older than me and he was acting like a kid! I mean really who wants to wake me up this early.
"HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY SIS!" yelled Steve right into my ear
I totally forgot today was my birthday I am 20 today at 5:00 tonight oh my god I'm old! I groaned and put the blankets over my head making my brother drag me out of his bed.
"No." I yelled
I hit the floor still tangled in his blue comforter I felt myself be dragged across the floor into the living room I stopped moving. I opened the comforter to be meet with my brothers eyes.
"Hello." said Steve
"Go away." I said closer the comforter
"Get up."
"Yes, DAMN IT!" I said sitting up with my hair sticking out everywhere
"Yeah your up and your going to the mall with Tasha today."
"Why I hate shopping."
"So does she but, you need new clothes."
"Tasha says your clothes are to old fashion."
"Right." I said covering my head and lying back down on the floor
"Wake me up at 11."
"It's 11:30."
"I meant 11 at night not in the morning." I moaned
"You are not a morning person." said Steve
"What gave you that idea sherlock?"
"Just get up and get dressed."
"Fine." I said moving across the floor like a catapillar
"What are you doing?"
"Going to get dressed." I said with a smile still moving across the floor like a catapillar
"Want me to carry you?"
Steve sighed and picked me up throwing me onto my bed.
"Thank you!" I yelled
"Your welcome." said Steve pulling his comforter away from me and walking out of my room
I looked over next to me to see a box with a note. I opened the note and read out loud Happy Birthday babe ~♥ Tony. Blushed and smiled as I opened to box to see black shoes with sliver point on them.
"Cute." I said with a smile
I ran over to my cloest to find something I could wear with them.I changed my clothes plus putting my new boots on from Tony before I skipped out of my room past a shocked Steve and Tasha.
"And you said I'm old fashion." I laughed
"Ok let's just go." said Tasha who leaned up and kissed my still shocked brother goodbye
Soon we were in Tasha car and I turned on the radio only to find Frank Sinatra Lady a Tramp on I sang along forgetting Tasha was in the car. Soon the song end and I heard a clapping from Tasha I blushed.
"Steve said you could sing I never imagined this good."
"T-Thanks." I said blushing
"No big deal and were here."
Tasha and I got out and walked threw the mall window shopping sense Tasha firgured out I wasn't old fashion but, my brother never let me dressed the way I wanted to.
"So can I asked you something?"
"What would you say if I told you Tony can't stop talking about you?"
"Your joking right?"
"No I haven't seen him this crazy over a girl sense Pepper but, she moved on from him."
"She couldn't handle being worried about him 24/7."
"Iron Man wise?"
"Hey can we head back?"
When we got back Tasha and I went up to mine and steve's floor. God Tasha's making a lot of nosie of assassian. I opened the door to find the lights all off.
"Jarvis lights." I said
The lights turned on the the guys all yelled Surprise and Tony had his hands over his heart to hide it. I was shocked so this is why Steve told Tasha to take me shopping.
"Happy 20th sis."
"Thanks." I said hugging my brother
"Why don't you open your presents." said Tasha
"I already opened Tony's." I said showing my shoes
I hugged him with a huge smile they were so me, Steve cleared his thoart and we pulled away. I sat down and Bruce handed me one I opened it to see a science book I squealed with joy hugging it.
"Thank you Thank you Thank you!" I said happy
"Glad your hugging the book." sighed Bruce with relief
I got up and kissed him on the face making him turn red.
Thor handed me a box of pop tarts and I hugged him.
"Thank you." I laughed
"You are very welcome lady."
Tasha handed me one I opened it to see a book in Russian.
"This is gonna put my skills to the test." I said with a nod
"I know it well."
Clint took a new bow and quiver with a bow on it.
"Thank you!" I screamed attacking him with a hug
Thank god he was strong or we would both be on the ground.
"Your welcome." he said putting me down
Steve work over and handed me a present. I opened it to see a book which I opened and tears started to roll down my face.
"What?" asked the avengers
"Old pictures." I said my hands going over them
"Is that mama,papa, and butch?"
"Yeah when she was pregagnant with you."
"Where were you?"
"Taking the picture."
"Who's that?"
"Me holding you when you were two days old."
"What's up with you putting your nose to mine?"
"Esimko kiss." said Steve rubbing his nose on mine
I giggled and did it back.
"O my god you still had that picture of me and Bucky kissing you jerk!"I said hitting him with the photo amblum
"You really think I was gonna throw that into the fire."
"What did you throw into the fire."
"The pic you took of me."
"Jerk!" I yelled
"Stop it and looked at the photos." said Steve holding up his hands to block my blows
"I remeber this our first day at the beach with mama and granddad."
"Yeah, fun dad wasn't it?"
"Yes it was and that's the last memory I every have with mama."
Steve kissed the top of my head as tears rolled down my face. I started to cry which turned into sobbing. Steve pulled me close and storked my hair. The avengers snucked away leaving Steve to hold me as I cried myself to sleep.

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